MapAnything Helps NYC Retina Deliver Critical Care to More Patients

Here’s the thing about retina surgeons: this is a field where you really root for the business development teams to build a large client base, because more patients in the practice means more people receiving critical, specialized eye care. NYC Retina is one such medical practice that MapAnything is proud to assist.

NYC Retina, a New York based medical practice that specializes in diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the retina, macula and vitreous, receives patient referrals from other eye doctors. When the NYC Retina  team began building their practice, they built their network from scratch, traversing the streets of Manhattan to introduce themselves to local eye doctors. Leveraging Salesforce as the group’s primary CRM system, the team gathered information from their outreach efforts and would manually input details of each interaction into Salesforce fields. As their referral sources and client base quickly grew, the team wanted to spend less time inputting data and more time tending to their patients. They turned to MapAnything to automate and organize the process of building and maintaining relationships with local doctors.

Visuals improve the process:

Traveling around busy Manhattan and the boroughs to visit countless doctors can be an exhausting and time consuming endeavor. By automatically showing current referral practices on an intuitive map, and directing the team to other nearby practices that may be strong referral sources, MapAnything helps NYC Retina streamline their outreach efforts by automatically planning and optimizing  travel routes, reducing the the time needed to vet local practices, and helping the NYC Retina team prioritize which doctors to visit.

Automation improves productivity:

MapAnything is deeply integrated with Salesforce. Being built within the CRM platform brought several  productivity gains to the NYC Retina team. Mobile updates and process automation allow data to be sent to Salesforce in real-time when team reps arrive at referral meetings,  ensuring more accurate and complete records, and reducing time consuming manual entries so that the team can focus their energies on patients, rather than inputting notes.

MapAnything helped the NYC Retina team significantly increase their referral pipeline.

We’ve absolutely developed more relationships. We’ve seen more patients. I feel like we can help more people; I feel like we can help more doctors.

-  Dr. Jonathan Feistmann, Retina Surgeon | NYC Retina

Today, NYC Retina is New York’s leading retina team. Ophthalmologists from around the globe refer patients to NYC Retina for precision retina care.

If you’re interested in learning more about how MapAnything can help your business increase its client base and build a more sustainable, streamlined lead generation process, we invite you to watch customer testimonials from NYC Retina and other fast-growing organizations. See for yourself why customers give MapAnything’s Geo-Productivity software 5-star ratings.

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Aubrey Resech
By: Aubrey Resech

Digital Marketing Manager at MapAnything