MapAnything Puts East Sussex Highways on the Road to Productivity

East Sussex County, UK, oversees over 2,000 miles of highway looking after roads, pavements, street lights, grass and winter maintenance.  Managing all of that infrastructure was a heavy burden. Daily processes such as routine data maintenance were time-intensive and very manual in nature. Highway stewards would be forced to take case notes on paper throughout the day and then have to return back to the office that evening to digitally transcribe them all. Efficiency was a huge challenge. Moreover, cases were often accidently duplicated, causing wasted time and effort spent sifting through records to determine which cases were properly logged and reported, and which needed to be deleted as duplicates.   


The solution:

East Sussex partnered with CH2M and Costain, MapAnything customers, to gain control of the massive project. Leveraging Salesforce and MapAnything, Essex County was able to streamline processes and integrate and centralize data. Plus, by equipping highway workers with mobile access to case information in real time and integrating data through MapAnything, East Sussex was able to reap major gains in efficiency and productivity.

“With Salesforce and MapAnything, everything’s completely changed. Now I am able to save a significant amount of travel time because I don't have to go to and from the office as much,” Jack Griffiths, Senior Highway Steward at East Sussex Highways, shared. “I can find other, close-by jobs while I'm out on-site. I can see client ​inquiries live, as they come in on the mobile app. ​While I’m in the field, I can investigate assets ​like our drains and our gullies ​to see what previous cases exist and what repairs we’ve carried out in the past.”

By leveraging MapAnything, East Sussex was able eradicate inefficiencies and improve service:


  • More efficient routing:  With MapAnything highway stewards no longer have to completely plan out their routes before they begin their day. They can make real-time additions and updates in the field and then re-optimize their route to ensure they rapidly complete their visits.  Prior to MapAnything the group was able to carry out 10-15 cases a day. After implementing MapAnything, workers now conduct 20-30 cases a day.
  • Elimination of duplicate cases: According to Becky Denness, customer and communities manager at East Sussex Highways, "When I think back to what it was like not being able to find and see duplicates…not being able to tell if a specific pothole case had already been submitted or not…I begin to feel immense frustration. Having it all plotted in MapAnything has saved so much time and it's easy to use."
  • Fewer claim payouts: MapAnything enables inspectors to check in and check out for each of their appointments, and easily store updates and notes during inspections. By having such detailed historical records on hand, East Sussex is better equipped to refute erroneous customer claims by more than 20X.


We invite you watch our East Sussex Highways case study video if you’d like to learn more about how they put the Power of Where to work for their town.  Contact us to schedule a custom MapAnything demo, to see how MapAnything can supercharge your field service team.


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Aubrey Resech
By: Aubrey Resech

Digital Marketing Manager at MapAnything