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MA for ServiceNow - Summer Release

We are excited to announce that our next MapAnything for ServiceNow Summer 2017 Release will be available on Thursday, August 31! This release contains lots of feature improvements as well as some brand new functionality. We've included some release highlights below as well as important dates and links to all release resources we currently have available.


August 2017 Release: 


Important Dates 

August 28, 2017 - The Summer Release will be available to all users 

WEBINAR: September 13, 2017 - Summer 2017 Release Webinar - Register Now >>

During the webinar, we'll provide a demo of MapAnything for ServiceNow, while showcasing all the new enhancements included in the Summer Release. We'll also walk attendees through our exciting new Indoor Mapping  feature, as well as discuss a few helpful use cases for ITSM and Asset Management. We hope to see you there!


Release Resources

View the August 2017 Release Notes >> 


Major New Feature


MapAnything for ServiceNow is excited to introduce Indoor Mapping! This feature allows you to import indoor facilities for use with MapAnything. You can then associate records with their indoor locations. 

For example, this is MapAnything's very own Charlotte office. 



July 2017 Release: 


Release Resources

View the  July 2017 Release Notes >>


New Features - Available Now 

  • User Interface - List View: MapAnything for ServiceNow includes a List View. The List View provides a table-based view of your plotted table. List view loads a tab for each layer plotted with the same columns displayed as the selected tool tips.
  • Geocoding via String, Address, and Coordinate Fields: Geocoding is the process of converting address data into latitudes and longitudes. MapAnything uses these latitudes and longitudes to plot your records in the appropriate locations on the map. Prior to this release, MapAnything would geocode using either the locations table or coordinate fields. Now, MapAnything can geocode with:  Address Field, Address Strings and Coordinate Fields.
  • Batch GeocodingIn MapAnything, you can plot a records within ServiceNow based with the built-in geocoding service. However, the geocoding process within MapAnything is resource-intensive. If you need to geocode a lot of records (over 100), you will want to ensure you use batch geocoding.


Courtney Carter, Product Manager
By: Courtney Carter

Product Manager at MapAnything

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