MapAnything Spring 2017 Release FAQs

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

Along with all the pollen, excitement is in the air...the MapAnything Spring 2017 Release is now live! As you continue to test out all the updates, additions and changes we made, we hope MapAnything proves to be an even more effective tool in helping to accelerate your business and boost your geo-productivity levels. With this release, it was our goal to not only produce new and innovative methods for our users to harness the power of geo-analytics, but to also perfect the aspects of the tool that may have been limiting. From added features like global search and enhanced marker styles, to the addition of MapAnything Nearby and MapAnything Guide, we feel this is a release is definitely worth the buzz!   

If you have not had a chance to glance through the release notes, we invite you to do so. You are sure to find any and all information you need there, regarding the release.

For a quick summary and major release highlights, please refer to our original Spring Release blog, “MapAnything Spring 2017 Release: Here’s What You Need to Know.”  

And for those of you who are more visual learners, we recommend that you watch the release video above, or download a copy of our “Release Readiness” webinar.

We’ve also encountered some FAQs from our customers over the past few weeks and have provided answers to all of them below. We hope these resources provide the guidance and instruction you seek, but as always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Client Support team directly if you need any additional information. Happy mapping!


I know there was a geocoding update made as part of the release. Do I have to change or update anything in my Org as a result?

No you do not. The changes are strictly platform related and do not require configuration on your end.

As part of the Search Bar Enhancement update, if I want to generate Salesforce records in my results, can I simply enter keywords related to my desired record(s) or does I have to enter the exact name of the record?

Currently, you would need to enter the exact name of the record you wish to have returned in your search results.

Can I set up MapAnything Nearby as an end user or does my Salesforce Admin have to do it?

MapAnything Nearby will need to be configured by your Salesforce Admin and includes enabling the feature for your entire Org.

When I click on the “Start a Search” button, under the POI tab, nothing appears to happen. What am I doing wrong?

No, you aren’t doing anything wrong. When you click on the “Start a Search” button, MapAnything will instantly jump you to the “Search Places” bar in the upper right-hand-corner of your map pane. The next step is to enter your desired search keywords and criteria. Once you have entered your desired search terms, the places will appear under the POI tab.

What improvements were made to MapAnything U.S. Business Data?

Users can now plot business data on an even larger scale. It will typically try to render as many points as it can; which is up to 15,000 data points at one time.

My Routing Tab looks different, where can I learn more about the changes made?

Review the “Routing Enhancements” section of our Spring Release Notes here. Screenshot examples, as well as descriptions, are provided to help you get familiarized with the user interface updates.

Aubrey Resech
By: Aubrey Resech

Digital Marketing Manager at MapAnything