#MapGem Series: Don’t Let Last Minute Meeting Cancellations Slow You Down

Click2Create Feature

Generate new leads & meetings, while in the field, with Click2Create

Let’s play a game -  imagine you are an Outside Sales rep, in the Chicagoland area, selling Italian coffee beans to local, privately owned coffee shops. You are currently in Chicago for two days and have three meetings scheduled each day. Let’s also pretend that even though Chicago is within your assigned sales territory, you live in Valparaiso, Indiana and are not very familiar with the Chicagoland area.

In a perfect world, you would have six successful appointments after the two-day trip and be driving back home to Indiana with high hopes for a few prospective deals. Unfortunately, as you know, last minute meeting cancellations tend to be a normal occurrence and are big source of frustration for many outside sales reps.

So let’s say day one went off without a hitch.  However, at 9am on day two, both of your afternoon appointments called to cancel. At this point, you might be feeling like your only real option is to head home early, or more realistically for some, want to throw your phone out the car window. With MapAnything, you don’t have to give in to either temptation! At that point, you would simply open MapAnything Mobile and fill those open time slots with new prospective clients, easily and efficiently...with minimal frustration and zero damage to your phone.

How you ask? Enter…MapAnything Click2Create.

Click2Create allows you to create a Salesforce record directly from the MapAnything map. In this scenario, since you are most interested in finding local coffee shops, you can use the points of interest search bar to search for “coffee shops” in the area. Relevant markers will then populate all around you - you’ve just unearthed a new list of prospective customers!

And that’s not all! Click2Create also shines because it streamlines record creation in Salesforce as well. Not only can you generate new leads in the field, but you can also create a record for them, right then and there, make notes and take care of all administrative tasks.  The process is simple - find a prospect that you are interested in pursuing on the map, click on the marker associated to it, then click on the “Click2Create” action button.  You will then be prompted to choose a record type and fill in additional information that will be uploaded to the Salesforce record.

Click2Create Process

By utilizing MapAnything Click2Create in the field, reps:

  • Save valuable time
  • Have greater ease navigating an unfamiliar area of their territory
  • Remove any mental roadblocks or obstacles that come into play with last minute cancellations
  • Maximize facetime with prospects and clients

Let MapAnything’s Click2Create navigate you through your sales region and drive your geo-productive success while on the go. Learn more about the power of Click2Create in the MapAnything Resource Center.  

Ready to test drive MapAnything and Click2Create for yourself? Download a free trial on the AppExchange.

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Alyssa Aiello
By: Alyssa Aiello

Customer Marketing Manager at MapAnything

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