MAU 301: Applying "Where" to Account Based Marketing Campaigns

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Don't miss out on this great topic! We'll be discussing the various ways that MapAnything can help with your ABM marketing efforts. 

How would you like to be able to group dozens of leads and/or contacts to a SF campaign in 5 clicks? How would you like to produce a targeted marketing effort by area or demographic or income group? Ever wanted to invite your clients to an event based on driving distance?

If “YES” is the answer to any of these questions, then get ready for MapAnything to quickly increase your Account-Based Marketing efforts.

Driving inbound Leads has always been a challenge for most Sales organizations. Historically, Salespeoples' individual prospecting activities have disproportionately led to the largest percentage of new leads, in comparison to their company’s marketing efforts. Coupled with their monthly quota of acquiring 51-100 new opportunities, it’s clear Salespeople need as much help as possible to drive new opportunities. Enter MapAnything! 

On Wednesday, May 16, we will illustrate how MapAnything can:

  • Take your existing leads and contacts to help push out campaigns

  • Provide data sources that can identify prospects and customers by targeted location and demographic

  • Streamline event planning to maximize client and prospect attendance to group sessions

With these capabilities, you will be able to quickly develop customized marketing efforts, that will reach specified small to large groups, and thereby increase your inbound leads for your Sales team.   I hope to see you there! 


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