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MAU 301: Check-In and Check-Out - Mobile Best Practices for Field Reps

MapAnything Mobile Best Practices

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Join us at 11 a.m. EST, to discuss the how to implement our Check-In / Check-Out feature and the gains your field team stands to make by using it.

To say we live in a data driven, technology-fueled world would be a massive understatement! In fact, according to Statista, the number of smartphone users in 2019 is forecasted to grow to 2.5 billion. Consumers have grown to depend on today’s technological innovations to help them manage and lead efficient lives. The same can be said for professionals too.

MapAnything strives to provide field sales and service reps with the tools and features necessary to execute hyper-productive days, including conducting the most face-to-face meetings with customers, possible. One such feature is our Check-In/Check-Out capability. It’s simple to activate, accessible via desktop and mobile AND the positive impacts for reps are endless.


Mobile Check In/Check Out Feature Benefits:


  • Time Savings for Field Reps: No need to delay or prolong meeting time frames in order to record one’s arrival and departure status, notes, etc.  

  • Process Automation and Visit Tracking: Arrival and departure times can be set to  automatically log an Activity in Salesforce, allowing managers full insight into their rep’s daily meeting progression.   

  • It’s Easy to Use: Enablement of this feature is a 2-step process. And you can even customize the Check in and Check out feature to include specific details from your Salesforce activities.


We’ll be discussing all of these topics and more during tomorrow’s MAU 301 elective course. I hope you’ll join me at 11 a.m. EST, Wednesday, October 17th, to learn more about the gains you and your team stand to make by utilizing our Check-In / Check-Out feature.  See you there!


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Patti Guobadia

By: Patti Guobadia
Client Success Manager at MapAnything