MAU 301: Creating Marker Layers to Plan for Your Sales Goals

MapAnything for Sales

Sales call planning is a fast-growing area of focus for many Salesforce and MapAnything users. With the launch of our new Schedule feature in January 2018, MapAnything clients are finding more and more success using a variety of tools to efficiently plan their sales calls. But even if your company isn't yet using Schedule, there are already some great call planning tools in MapAnything that you can use today! In tomorrow's session we'll cover how to:

  1. Create and use a layer showing which accounts haven't been visited in a specific number of days. This often ties beautifully into your sales goals, because you like already have a number that's required of you. Doing this in MapAnything not only lets you see which accounts/leads/etc need visiting right away, but you can do this geographically.
  2. Combine a number of “Last Visited” layers to color code accounts by when they were last visited. This takes your sales goals one step further, letting you properly schedule appointments based on priority (instead of all or nothing). This is perfect for when you also want to see which accounts need visiting soon.
  3. Bonus Content! I'll highlight each of the following ways to take these concepts even further:
    • Add additional information to layers to incorporate volume goals, only completed calls, or similar criteria.
    • Create (or suggest your admin to create) an account field that dynamically tracks your last sales call date to that account. Think of this as a better, more focused version of Salesforce's Last Activity field.
    • Hide markers in your layer that have been routed to recently.

Don't miss out on this chance to take your MapAnything call planning to the next level! Sign up today by visiting this page, and we'll see you there. 

Andy Murphy

By: Andy Murphy
Enterprise Client Success Manager at MapAnything