MAU 301: Decoding the Geocode - Why Addresses Are So Important

MAU 301: Decoding the Geocode

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Join us at 11 a.m. EST, to discuss the importance of keeping your address data clean in Salesforce, and the positive impacts it has on geocoding in MapAnything.

Famous American computer scientist Kurt Bollacker once said, “data that is loved tends to survive!” I’m not sure if he understood then just how pivotal an observation this was. Indeed, data can hold immense power in our current business climate, but to ensure it’s revelations have a positive impact, we must take the time to nurture it. After all, without completeness, accuracy and relevance, data is rendered virtually meaningless.

The same goes for your address data in Salesforce. In order for MapAnything to empower your field teams with the productivity you seek, the baseline data, or locations (addresses) associated to your CRM records, must be clean and correct. This is exactly what we’ll be covering in our next MAU 301 course, on Wednesday, September 12, at 11 a.m. EST.


Course Topics:

  • Best Practices for Address Data Maintenance: We will review the different fields that make up an address for a Salesforce record, and what happens when different fields are blank or incorrect.
  • How to Locate Bad Addresses: We will discuss how to find records with incomplete or incorrect addresses so you can update them.
  • How to Correct Bad Addresses: We will outline how to update addresses in MapAnything using functions like inline editing, mass actions, and data uploads.


Why Location Data Cleanliness Matters:

  • Territory Management - For most VPs of Sales, ensuring balance between their sales reps regions is a constant challenge. By ensuring that the address data is current and accurate, they are able to make informed decisions based on real-time location status and save significant time.  
  • Trip Management - Accurate data means less confusion in the field for your reps as they navigate to their appointments. Imagine a rep who has run into a traffic jam and is using MapAnything to find the best alternative route to his/her destination...only then to find out the destination address is not even correct. Think of all the wasted resources in this situation.
  • Target Market and Event Management - When choosing to host an event or test a product based on geographical criteria, it’s imperative to ensure that everyone you’re including in your radius, are actually located within that radius. In other words, if your Director of Marketing is hosting a Lunch and Learn in Atlanta, GA, he/she needs to be sure that all the invitees fall within the specified radius of Atlanta (and aren't really located in California).


I hope you can see, as simple as it may sound, that data cleanliness is vital to your company's overall performance. And I look forward to discussing this topic further at our next MAU 301 class. See you there!


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Jacquelyne Antu

By: Jacquelyne Antu
Enterprise Client Success Manager at MapAnything

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