MAU 301: Empowering Your Maps with Shape Layer Building

MapAnything 301 Course

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Learn how to produce even more actionable data and insights with MapAnything shape layers! 

Since MapAnything is all about knowing where your data is, we often see a lot of focus on correctly placing and prioritizing your data on the map. But did you know that MapAnything is also a terrific territory planning and management tool?

In this session, we'll discuss how you can do the following in your own Salesforce org:

  1. Use our proprietary Shape Layer Builder to create boundaries that match your internal territory data. These boundaries can be based on ZIP codes, counties, states, and a variety of other data sets, and you can even import a list of ZIP codes directly from a list or spreadsheet! Once placed on the map, you can optionally label each internal area by name (such as ZIP or county name, depending on the data you used to build it). We now even support creating boundaries based on three-digit ZIP code prefixes.
  2. Draw hand-drawn, manual boundaries using our shape tools. If your territories are unique to your organization, and not based upon specific data sets, you can actually draw them on the map with our set of three distinct shape tools. And since this a small labor of love, we'll also show you how to save these hand-drawn zones as shape layers in MapAnything, so that you can reuse or adapt them time and time again.
  3. Use shape layers to empower your existing marker layers. As powerful as our marker layers and shape layers are, few things are as powerful as both of them working together. Here you'll learn how to use shapes to take actions upon a specific set of markers, how to use shapes to show or hide markers in a larger marker layer, and even how to export a list of markers inside any shape that you create.

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Andy Murphy
By: Andy Murphy
Enterprise Client Success Manager at MapAnything