MAU 301: Empowering Your Users with Simplified Workflows

MAU 301: Simplified Workflows

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Join us at 11 a.m. EST, to discuss several workflows you can build to empower your users, while saving time and maximizing adoption.

Over the past few months, the world of technology in general has experienced massive growth and expansion! MapAnything, being part of that ecosystem, is no exception. And while we hope that you are excited and eager to use all the new capabilities (Drag and Drop, Shape Layers for Mobile, etc.) and features we’ve released this year, we understand that it can also be daunting.


That’s why, for this month’s MAU 301 elective course, on Thursday, August 16, I wanted to discuss a few ways MapAnything can help streamline processes and get the right information in front of your users, even faster. By setting up a few simple workflows, not only will you alleviate a great deal of stress on your part, but your team will be able to do their jobs with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.


The workflows we will be reviewing include:

  • Setting Folder Permissions - to make sure the right members of your team have access to the right shared Corporate folder layers.
  • Creating powerful dynamic marker layers - that will help you reduce the number of marker layers you have, while helping your team focus on their most important records.
  • Incorporating productivity tools -  like List View, Chatter, and inline tooltip editing to help your teams save even more time.
  • Reviewing MapAnything Analytics - so you can keep checking progress after rolling out these great changes.


By incorporating these tactics into your daily strategy, not only will you save significant time, but you’ll also be optimizing your users’ access and data display, leading to increased productivity and adoption. I hope you’ll join me for this session on August 16 at 11 a.m. EST. See you there!


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Spencer Brown

By: Spencer Brown
Client Success Manager at MapAnything

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