MAU 301: Find New Leads and Prospects with Click2Create

MapAnything's Click2Create

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Join us at 11 a.m. EST, to discuss the how to utilize our Click2Create feature to save valuable time, continually generate new leads, and build pipeline to reach your 2019 sales goals.

December 2018 is well underway and we all know what that means for most field sales reps... time to scramble! Sales goals are within reach, and the majority of reps are now spending their days exhausting every strategy in the play book to try and close the deals they’ve worked so hard to nurture over the past few months.  

What if I told you this ‘last minute sprint to the finish line’ scenario does not have to resurface next year? What if I told you, you already have a fantastic solution and that it’s MapAnything’s Click2Create feature?

That’s what this week’s MAU 301 elective course is all about; leveraging our Click2Create feature to save valuable time, continually generate new leads, and build pipeline to reach your 2019 sales goals. Here’s what we’ll be discussing:


The Benefits

  • Click2Create allows you to quickly create new records in Salesforce from your mobile or desktop device, based on the search criteria you define
  • Once enabled, you can easily access Click2Create from the list of actions available when clicking on a map marker.
  • The feature can be used to create new Leads, new prospect Accounts, or new records for other standard and custom Salesforce objects.
  • With it, new records can be created one at a time, or a mass action.
  • Click2Create can be utilized within a points of interest (POI) search, business data, or a dropped pin on the map.


The Implications

  • Expand your pipeline! 2019 is just around the corner, so kick the year off with new leads and prospects to target. Add these newly created records to routes or create call lists.
  • Spend less time copying and pasting, and leave less room for error - address information pre-populates for you.
  • Save yourself time and effort searching for business locations - without ever having to leave the map, quickly create new and relevant Salesforce records in a matter of clicks.


An Example Scenario

I sell medical devices and I’m looking for all the hospitals in the San Diego area that I can visit. Using the POI search box, within MapAnything, I enter the term “hospitals.”

  • Maybe I want to focus on locations just near the coast. Not a problem! I can click on each marker, select the “Click2Create” action, and 2 clicks later I’ve created a new record. 
  • Maybe I want to target all these hospitals in the greater San Diego area. Done! I can draw a shape around the search results, right click inside the shape and select the mass action “Click2Create” and a few clicks later, I have a whole group of new records.
  • Need to attribute the source of these new records to MapAnything? Easily set a default value for any field of your choosing.
  • Working with different record types? We’ve got you covered. Set a default record type or choose one on the fly.
  • Looking to identify the number of records created with Click2Create? That’s easy! Create a Salesforce report to see who’s taking advantage of Click2Create. 


Sound interesting? I hope you’ll join me tomorrow, Wednesday, December 12, at 11 a.m. EST, as we dive even further into the topic. See you there!


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Melissa Geitner

By: Melissa Geitner
Enterprise Client Success Manager at MapAnything