MAU 301: Planning Your Day with Salesforce Events and the New MapAnything Schedule Tool

Schedule Tool

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We will be discussing and demonstrating our new Schedule Tool, which allows users to create a list of Salesforce records to visit and plan your their day, taking into consideration native Salesforce Events.

How would you like to be proactive and schedule your client visits three months in advance?
At a client meeting, have you  ever needed to schedule a technical resource for a future visit?
Have you ever wanted to see your Salesforce events and/or meetings on a map?


If your answer is yes to even one of these, you're not alone. And you don't have to wait another second for help, as our new Schedule Tool adresses all three of these situations!

Outside of meeting quota, Sales Managers are always driving their salespeople to plan out as many prospect and client meetings as possible. However, booking these meetings in advance can sometimes be a challenge. Trying to envision the proximity of stops to each other,  solidifying a date/time slot while toggling between an email calendar and Salesforce, while also determining which client/prospects to visit, is a lot to juggle. Luckily, MapAnything is ready to help. 

During our course on Wednesday, February 14, we will highlight the benefits our Schedule Tool, which allows you to create a list of Salesforce records to visit and plan your days based on your native Salesforce Events. With it, you'll save time each day, ensure all your field activities are added as Events in Salesforce and be able to build out your meetings a week in advance...all from one page.  Below are two scenarios we will cover together.

  • Scenario 1: Filling your calendar. You’re at the office, trying to figure out which accounts and prospects will be available to visit in a specific area on a specific day.
  • Scenario 2: Resource View. You’re at a client meeting and you realize that you need a technical resource for a future meeting.

I look forward to being able to walk you through the tool and answering any questions you may have. Sign up today to reserve your spot! 

Frantz Dugue
By: Frantz Dugue
Enterprise Success Manager at MapAnything