New eBook: High-Velocity Field Sales with Multifactor Route Optimization

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A Fresh Approach to Managing and Measuring Sales with Visit Frequency Agreements (VFA)


Let’s face it. Managing a field sales team that visits customers at appropriate intervals, doesn’t cost too much, and actually meets revenue and customer satisfaction goals is high art! Intelligent routing and scheduling, integrated with CRM can help. These solutions must be as real-time, responsive, and as focused on revenue as your reps must be. They must enable reps to maximize time with the right customers and prospects while minimizing travel or idle time and reducing mileage and fuel expense. Finally, they must enable the right sales activity and create accountability.

We need a new way to manage and measure field sales activity. Old-style key performance indicators (KPIs), often built only on customer visits and service level agreements, fall short. The most effective sales organizations are using Visit Frequency Agreements (VFA) to plan and track sales activities. This new KPI is informed by customer data and multifactor routing and scheduling solutions that are integrated with CRM.

Research shows that field reps can increase stops by as much as 17% by leveraging route optimization, therefore increasing productivity and revenue while reducing costs.
Texas A&M, Transportation Institute

This guide to multifactor schedule and route optimization explores how to build optimal territories, prioritize sales activities, build complex schedules and routes based on performance goals and customer priority, and unlock savings while generating revenue. You’ll learn:

  1. How multifactor routing and scheduling can unlock revenue.

  2. How to build customer-centric territories that maximize sales rather than those based on spatial or geographic factors.

  3. How sophisticated, real-time routes and schedules maximize face-to-face visits with the right customers and reduce wasted time and expenses.

  4. How to add accountability and predictability to field sales activities through Visit Frequency Agreements (VFA).

  5. How to minimize the impact of real-time schedule changes and constraints.

  6. How to reduce field sales expense including mileage, fuel, and maintenance costs.

  7. How to select a route and schedule optimization solution for your high-velocity sales team.


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Brian Bachofner

By: Brian Bachofner
Chief Marketing Officer at MapAnything