Newsletter - May 2017

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MapAnything and ServiceNow

Where Matters in IT Service

By Brian Bachofner, CMO at MapAnything

Recently, we announced a partnership with ServiceNow to bring our geo-productivity software to the ServiceNow platform.  This is exciting for a few reasons, primarily because ServiceNow is the leader in IT service automation enabling large organizations to streamline IT service requests and manage their IT infrastructure.   Through this  unique integration we’ll help organizations deliver and manage IT services more efficiently.  It’s a pretty exciting time…and is an indication of how geo-productivity will also add geo-intelligence to many business processes.


State of Sales

Results of the 2017 Survey are in... 

Thank you to all who participated in our Field Sales survey with Selling Power. The results are in! With over 200 responses from field sales reps and their managers, we discovered that there is a lot of opportunity to streamline processes, increase productivity and meet sales targets more efficiently.

33% of sales leaders say their team plans field sales calls using a list of accounts, a map or google maps, and their cell phone to navigate between meeting.

38.8% of sales reps said that they developed a “standard” route, that they repeat again and again, without considering efficient route planning or meeting prioritization.

20.8% of sales said that their reps randomly travel to accounts on demand, therefore wasteing a lot of time because travel time isn’t optimized and geographically close prospects are not routinely identified and visited while in the field.

86.9% say that reps call and email to try to find time to visit customers rather than strategically planning customer visits based on likelihood of closing a deal or efficiency of making the stop.

43.1% of reps prioritize focus on prospects that they “feel” are important. While 25% use CRM data to prioritize prospect visits and 13% visit all accounts and active prospects without a plan, regardless of their value, so they can minimize commute time.
More to come in our new Survey eBook. 

GPS in the Real World

Legion Brewing: Our featured success story

Legion Brewing Company was built on a single idea: that sharing good beer with friends is one of life's great pleasures. However, growth in the boutique beer business can be difficult, and resource intensive. Legion came to MapAnything to address these issues and sell more beer. All customer and prospect data at Legion Brewery sits inside Salesforce, its customer relationship management platform. The sales team did not have an efficient way to visualize their accounts and prospects and this impacted overall productivity. The company selected MapAnything geo-productivity software so reps could be sure that all accounts were touched regularly and time in the field was as productive. With MapAnything, Legion brewed up better account control and better results:

  • Increased Appointments / Calls
  • Decreased Drive Time
  • Decreased Route Planning Time

Read more about Legion, or variety of other customers on our site.

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Upcoming Events

Where in the World is MapAnything in June! 

Check out this video to see where in the world MapAnything is in the month of June. 

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Thursday, June 15, 2017
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