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MapAnything Dashboards

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Living in today’s world of data-driven decisions requires a real-time, in-depth understanding of what tools and processes enable your sales, service and marketing teams to perform at their highest levels. Once the most empowering devices in a team’s arsenal can be identified, it can be rather challenging to translate them into key metrics that convey their impact. Oftentimes the vast pool of statistics and results produced can be overwhelming. However, spending the time to extract and present this data can be incredibly powerful.

Whether you're wanting to show your sales executives the effectiveness of your outside sales team, or field service leadership how much time they’re saving, MapAnything usage reporting is vital to proving the tool’s ROI. When utilizing Salesforce’s robust reporting platform, paired with MapAnything’s analytics engine, you can easily display this insightful usage data and the overall effect the tool has on performance and output.   

Over the course of my time here at MapAnything, it has become clear that the best and most digestible way to depict and present this data is through dashboards. Since dashboards are completely customizable, you can include and display only the usage data that impacts your business and teams the most. One example might be identifying MapAnything power users. These individuals are more likely to have a higher performance than those who only occasionally use the tool. The conclusion here then would be that MapAnything directly elevates sales reps performance. This discovery can be used to show both the value of the MapAnything tool, and also to motivate more casual users to begin extracting its full value.

I will be elaborating on this topic, as well as providing a step-by-step demo on how to create a MapAnything usage dashboard in tomorrow’s MapAnything University 301 course. I invite you to sign up and  learn first-hand how to convey the most important aspects of your MapAnything investment. Ultimately, you can decide whether you want an all encompassing view of your company’s usage, or if it would be more helpful to break up the data into groups and regions. I hope to see you there!


Matt Peoples
By: Matt Peoples

Client Implementation Manager at MapAnything