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Route Management Software - Optimize Your Delivery Business

The right route management software can transform your delivery business. It can streamline logistics, increase profitability, and skyrocket customer satisfaction. If your company delivers packages, products, meals, or people, then you’ll understand the importance of efficient route planning. But modern software solutions are more versatile than ever, which means they do more than get deliveries from point A to point B. In this article, we explore how route planning software can help delivery businesses to optimize their operations and maximize profits.


What Does Routing Software Do?

Route management software helps delivery businesses to save time, increase efficiency, and improve customer service. It can plan multi-stop routes that enable drivers to maximize the number of drop-offs made within limited time windows. Instead of planning routes the old-fashioned way, companies can take advantage of the latest digital technologies and predictive modeling tools to devise delivery schedules. Here is an overview of the areas that route optimization software can help with.

  • Optimize routes - by using powerful management software to minimize drive time and fuel consumption while maximizing drop-offs.

  • Improve communication - through a cloud-based platform that links drivers, operations managers, and customer service teams with real-time updates so that everyone is on the same page.

  • Increase profitability - with a route planning solution that improves productivity, reduces fuel costs and supports management reporting for greater visibility.

  • Manage fleets - organize vans, trucks, and other delivery vehicles using built-in fleet management tools.


Benefits For Delivery Businesses

Using route management software offers a number of business benefits for companies with delivery responsibilities.

Powerful Route Planning Capabilities

Using a digital route planner enables your company to leverage the very latest in scenario modeling technology. Unlike most map-based routing solutions, MapAnything takes into account multiple variables to produce the fastest and most efficient route plan. This includes looking at historical traffic volumes and weather conditions by performing complex calculations to identify the best option. It can provide step-by-step directions for drivers via Apple and Android mobile apps. Plus, it can update routes dynamically if conditions change and the pre-determined route is no longer the most efficient choice. This enables delivery drivers to avoid congestion, traffic accidents, or other potential delays to their schedule.

Built-In Fleet & Driver Management

Comprehensive route planning software comes with fleet and driver management capabilities built in. It enables companies to have visibility over all their logistical assets, including trucks, vans, and drivers. This allows managers and coordinators to make full use of their resources and maximize the number of deliveries that are made. By providing an overview of the entire fleet, the software helps operations to run more efficiently and productively. This results in a more profitable organization and well-managed logistical setup.  

Time-Saving Advantages

When drivers need to make multiple stops, it’s vital to plan them in the most efficient way possible. Time is a key factor in both quality control and customer service management. If fast food isn’t delivered quickly, then it can easily go cold and negatively affect the customer experience, resulting in increased refund costs and poor reviews. When parcels aren’t delivered by their deadline, SLA commitments are broken, and reparations will be due to the client. Late deliveries impact customers, operational costs, and profitability. So, it’s crucial to use route management software to ensure that everything gets delivered on time.

Salesforce.Com CRM Integration

MapAnything is built directly onto the platform. This means that it automatically links to customer data and can pull their addresses to create efficient route plans. There’s no need to worry about data synching or deduping errors because our software will always be up-to-date with your customer database. All you need to do is select the customers that are expecting deliveries and MapAnything does the rest. It’ll find the most efficient multi-stop routes from your depots or distribution center to the delivery destinations.

Pro Logistics Capabilities for a Fraction of The Price

MapAnything allows your business to execute pro-level route optimization and planning. Imagine having the efficiency and speed of DHL or FedEx, but being in full control of the end-to-end journey. Instead of relying on outside third-parties you can operate your own logistical operations from start to finish. This means no lost packages or unexpected delays, just great customer service at a fraction of the outsourced price.

Aids Logistical Management

From an organizational perspective, delivery route management software can also provide a 360-degree overview of logistical activities. It’ll track drivers from the initial depot departure down to the last mile, so that management has maximum visibility over their employees. You can compare productivity, identify improvement opportunities, and award your best performing team members.

All-Star Client Support

Adopting a new software solution may seem like a daunting prospect but our expert team is here to help. They’ve helped thousands of customers to implement route planning technology and leverage their CRM database. The setup process is super-quick and easy but if you do need any assistance then they’re here to support you. This leaves you free to work orders, arrange deliveries, and focus on other areas of your business.

Choosing the Right Optimization Solution

Delivery scheduling software can reduce travel time, improve productivity, and enhance customer service levels. But how do you know which one is right for your needs? Here are some considerations that can help you identify the best delivery management software for your business.

  • Integration - does the software integrate directly with your CRM and customer data or does it require you to upload Excel spreadsheets on a continual basis?
  • Connectivity - can it be accessed from any location via the cloud and send routes to mobile devices or does it require a laptop to be used?
  • Versatility - will it support other business needs in addition to transport planning, such as territory management, business mapping, or strategic planning?
  • Data points - does it calculate travel plans based on a wide range of data such as weather and traffic, or just include map-based predictions?
  • Cost - is the price competitive and how is it calculated (e.g. by the number of users, teams, etc)?
  • Customer support - where are their support teams located and do their opening times match your needs?
  • Reviews - how do other clients rate the service provided?

Whether your company deals in food delivery or parcel logistics, route planning software can make it more efficient. It improves productivity, schedule optimization, reduces fuel consumption, and ultimately boosts overall profitability. By choosing a powerful platform, you can streamline operations and generate a significant return on investment too.

Best Route Management Software For Any Size of Business

With over 2,100 customers and over 150+ employees worldwide, MapAnything helps clients increase revenue, drive productivity, gain better territory visibility, and deepen customer loyalty. Our Location of Things (LoT) software is built for one simple task - empowering your enterprise to maximize revenue capture, maximize the number of happy customers you serve, and maximize leads generated to accurately attribute ROI. We do this all in the CRM workflow to help clients streamline operations, automate their business process, and increase overall accuracy and adoption.

MapAnything makes field teams more effective, efficient, and profitable. MapAnything allows you to perform vital Salesforce® tasks from the map-based interface––log calls, update records, create new tasks and events, and add thousands of contacts to a marketing campaign with one click. Schedule and optimize an entire week in MapAnything to spend less time planning, and more time selling.

MapAnything brings your Salesforce data to life and ensures field sales teams are operating at maximum efficiency. When every meeting is a new opportunity to produce revenue, field services and teams need the right tools in their arsenal to spend more time with customers and less time planning routes or performing administrative tasks. Our route management software arms field reps with the information they need to perform productively and generate more revenue for your business.

Interested in trying it out for yourself? Request a live demo here.

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