Route Planning Software Creates Unmatched Efficiency & Scale

Most of us are familiar with route planning software for one simple reason - it gets us from A to B. We no longer have to rely on traditional maps because mobile apps calculate the best routes for us. But what’s surprising is that many businesses haven’t yet caught on to the potential this offers.


On average, field-based reps account for 71% of a company’s sales team. Their job is to convert as many prospects as possible into paying customers, and to grow customer accounts with every visit. Yet, many are relying on limited technology to plan visits and schedule their meetings. This is often a significant barrier to productivity, with sales professionals reporting that they spend just 34% of their time selling.  


It’s not just individual sales reps that can benefit from more efficient route planning. Companies that deliver goods or send service technicians to customer sites can all become more productive with the right planning tools. Integrated route optimization and scheduling software makes trip planning simple, yielding the most efficient routes that businesses of all sizes can benefit from.  The good news is that technology exists to help your people get the most out of every day in the field. Enter route optimization and cloud-based routing solutions to plan optimized sales routes in real time.


Here are five ways that our unique route planning software can help your business save time and increase productivity.


#1 - Automatically Manages Complex Route Planning

If your business has a field-based sales team or network of service technicians, then you know how complicated planning routes can become. Getting from point A to point B using Google Maps is easy but adding additional stops, or meetings with fixed times, adds complexity. After all, you need to schedule meetings or customer visits during the limited time windows that they give you. But you also need to account for heavy traffic or weather delays that can quickly throw off the entire day’s timetable.


Commercial route planning software is designed to remove the hard work and variables from scheduling. It will find the most efficient routes between multiple locations, immediately making your mobile workforce more productive and efficient. The optimization software can route and schedule multiple vehicles and client visits, accommodating variables like rush hour traffic or unexpected delays. This makes it ideal for sales teams, service technicians, and delivery companies that want to improve their time management and fuel consumption.


#2 - Increases Productivity & Sales Revenue

Route planning software can play a valuable role in accelerating sales productivity. It enables reps to be more efficient with their time so that they can visit more customers. When multiplied over the course of a month or year, this can lead to a significant increase in visits, improved customer experience and subsequent sales conversions all while saving time. It allows your reps to spend less time planning and more time selling, which directly benefits your bottom line.


The management software also provides a holistic view of field sales performance. This route optimization solution can be fully integrated with which enables you to track how visits are contributing to the pipeline and overall business goals. It also automates mileage logging and gives you more visibility over field rep activities. This allows you to spend less time on generating reports and focus on the priorities that matter to your business.  


#3 - Drives Employee Accountability

Planning software can do much more than dynamic routing. Our asset management can track staff locations in real-time giving you greater visibility into their activities in the field. You can view your reps and other assets in real-time with live tracking via OBDII devices, GM OnStar integration, or any mobile device. Employees are able to check in and check out of customer locations so that you can see where they’ve been and who they’ve met with or serviced.  Sales routes and delivery schedules are simplified and optimized for peak efficiency.


Having this information at your fingertips drives greater employee accountability. They’ll be less likely to make unscheduled stops or over-estimate the time it takes to move between multiple locations. When combined with the route planning and productivity benefits, this software improves efficiency and increases profits.


#4 - Provides Essential Information On-The-Go

A web-based route planner enables you and your teams to access essential information on-the-go. It’s a convenient way to calculate optimized routes while you’re in the field or at the office. You also benefit from a tool that’s highly adaptable so you can easily update and re-optimize routes while on the road. This gives you the flexibility to fill schedule gaps or cancellations with nearby prospects at the touch of a button.


Our MapAnything software is mobile ready and was natively built on This means that you can access all Salesforce® standard and custom objects via your mobile device, whether that’s a company tablet or smartphone. It can also be used in conjunction with other iOS and android mobile apps to help your team make the most of their field time.


#5 - Optimizes Fleet Management & Territory Tracking

Route planning software also has strategic implications for fleet and territory management. It allows you to visualize your customers on a map and understand where you need to allocate resources. Instead of estimating where you need to base your service vehicles or recruit new sales people, you can generate concrete data to provide meaningful insights.


Mapping software that integrates with your CRM can be a powerful tool for making important business decisions. It enables you to design and realign your territories from the ground up based on capacity, account priority, or geography. This ensures that the right field sales reps are in the right place, at the right time so that you can maximize your revenue.

How Does Route Planning Software Work?

Traditional route planning software is based on maps. Firstly, it calculates the distance between two fixed points - where you are now and your destination. Then it estimates a driving time based on the maximum speed limits permitted on the roads on-route. It’s a basic approach that works in simple situations but becomes much less accurate once you introduce other variables.


What happens when traffic is heavier than predicted and you can’t drive at the maximum speed limit? The journey takes more time than predicted and you end up being late. How about when you introduce multiple stopping points? Traditional software recalculates the route but doesn’t account for the time you spend at your stops. Spending an hour in a meeting will delay the next leg of your journey, at which point the traffic situation may have become busier or quieter. Either way, the route that was predicted to be quickest may no longer be the most efficient.


Our MapAnything route planning software is different. It’s based on our Distance Matrix API which was developed by leading PhD’s in vehicle routing. It computes the shortest distances and fastest travel times between thousands of locations. It also accounts for years’ worth of predicted traffic to produce the best possible route for your journey. Plus, it was architected to process at speeds 100x faster than other APIs out there.


Internet of things (IoT) and Location Data

MapAnything is much more than a route manager - it allows assets and vehicles to be managed via the Internet. You may already be familiar with the ‘Internet of Things’ which connects everyday objects like TVs, refrigerators, and heating systems to wifi networks. Location data  allows objects and assets to be located via the internet. For companies that deliver products or manage fleets of vehicles, being able to track locations is an essential ability.


As the number of ‘things’ connected to the internet steadily grow, so does the volume of data that they produce. Analyzing and interpreting this data can quickly become overwhelming without the right tools in place. MapAnything enables you to visualize all of your assets via asset tracking so that you can easily make sense of the data. It helps you to extract the important takeaways so that you’re better informed when making important strategic decisions for your teams’ routes.


The rapid growth of smartphone use means that both consumers and businesses are increasingly reliant on location data. Apps and games like Uber and Pokemon Go have made LoT and GPS tracking an everyday expectation. So, it’s important to get ahead of the curve and ensure your business is set up to leverage the technology.


How Route Planning Benefits Businesses

Route planning software does much more than find the most efficient routes between client sites. It helps you to schedule visits as well as more complex scenarios that require different vehicles, skills, and regulations. It can increase productivity, boost revenue, and raise employee accountability too. Mobile-reading platforms allow you to access information on the go as well as optimizing fleet management and territory tracking long-term. The benefits of route planning directly impact the bottom line, so are worth considering for every business.


How We Can Help

With over 2,100 customers and over 150+ employees worldwide, MapAnything asset tracking helps clients increase revenue, drive productivity, gain better territory visibility, and deepen customer loyalty. Our map-based field sales and service software is built for one simple task - empowering your enterprise to maximize revenue capture, maximize the number of happy customers you serve, and maximize leads generated to accurately attribute ROI. Our tracking software does this all in the CRM workflow to help clients streamline operations, automate business process, and increase overall accuracy and adoption.


MapAnything software provides field teams more effective, efficient, and profitable with route optimization and planning apps yielding the most powerful route. This allows you to perform vital Salesforce® tasks from the map - log calls, update records, create new tasks and events, and add thousands of contacts to a marketing campaign with one click. Schedule and optimize an entire week in MapAnything to spend less time planning, and more time selling.


Dynamic route optimization software from MapAnything brings your CRM data to life and ensures field teams are operating at maximum efficiency. When every meeting is a new opportunity to produce revenue, field teams need the right tools in their arsenal to spend more time with customers and less time planning routes or performing administrative tasks. Our route planning software arms field reps with the information they need to perform productively and generate a higher return on investment for your business.


Interested in trying it out for your business? Turn your road reps into road warriors today by getting a live demo here.