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Routing Software for Sales Reps

Delivery Route Planning by MapAnything

Are you looking for routing software for sales reps that will save them time and increase productivity? Using the right digital route planner can decrease travel times, boost lead generation, and even help with sales territory management. It can provide multi-stop route mapping and meeting scheduling along with real-time traffic updates. So, how does route planning software work and what should you look for in a platform? In this article, we explore the key features to look out for when comparing routing software for sales reps and field-based personnel.

Why Use Mapping Software?

Does your sales team spend too much time on non-selling tasks? The demands of meeting planning, administration, and driving can quickly eat into a workday and leave precious little time for face-to-face selling. Interacting with customers is a core activity for every salesperson yet they often struggle to find enough time to spend on it.

Research shows that sales reps usually spend around 35% of their time actually selling. This means that almost two-thirds of their day is spent attending to non-sales activities. The challenge is that these other activities are often important and play a vital role in the business. They can’t simply be dropped to free up more time for customer-facing interactions. Some companies try to combat this by hiring inside sales reps to take care of the administrative tasks. They’ll deal with inbound sales inquiries, filter out cold leads, and prepare the sales proposals for reps to deliver. However, not all organizations have the budget to increase their headcount. A more effective option can be to adopt digital tools that take care of the heavy lifting and free up this dead time. This improves the output, efficiency, and bottom-line results of sales teams without adding to overall salary costs.  

Using routing software for sales reps enables them to quickly plan their meeting schedules. If you choose one that syncs with your CRM, then they can simply select the customers from the database and the software will take care of the sales route planning. They don’t have to spend time manually inputting addresses into Google Maps or trying different route variations to find the quickest one. The software will calculate the best itinerary and route order at the click of a button so that reps spend less time on route mapping and more on selling. 

Software will also find the most efficient driving route so that reps spend less time in the car. This not only improves their productivity but also decreases fuel costs and vehicle wear and tear. Some platforms also adapt plans based on live traffic updates so that drivers can avoid congestion or accident tailbacks. Our MapAnything software uses historical traffic data to make route optimization and planning quick and efficient. It takes into account a huge number of variables like time of day and weather conditions so that sales reps can always find the fastest route. 

A Strategic Approach to Customer Visits

If you’re comparing routing software for sales reps, then it’s important to select one that offers strategic features. Many platforms can provide basic mapping services to transport people from A to B. But only a few have additional features that can help sales reps take a more strategic approach to customer visits.

Finding software that integrates with your CRM system is crucial. This allows reps to do a lot more than simply plan sales routes. They can prioritize meetings based on the business opportunity, when they were last visited, or to coincide with a relevant product launch. MapAnything is built directly onto the platform which means it integrates with all of your customer data immediately. Reps can create schedules and travel plans based on contact details and set filters to narrow down the strategic priorities.

If you’re a sales manager or senior director, then business mapping software can also help you to make strategic decisions at a higher level. It enables you to plan sales territories that are aligned with customer location clusters and business priorities. Our software enables you to visualize customers onto a map to aid strategic decision making and planning sessions. It can also be used to run reports and analyze data so that you can make informed decisions based on hard facts. 

Make the Most of Limited Resources

Time is a limited resource but routing software for sales reps allows them to get the most out of it. As well as aiding travel and schedule planning, it can also help to fill those unexpected gaps. When customers cancel or a meeting goes quicker than planned, MapAnything allows reps to quickly search for nearby customer locations. They can then use the free time to drop in for a spontaneous visit and develop stronger business relationships.

MapAnything is perfect for salespeople who prefer to travel light and do everything on their smartphone. It’s available as an iPhone and Android app that easy to use and connects wherever they have a signal. They can update itineraries on the go and use the app to get turn-by-turn directions while driving. And because it syncs directly with, they can update contact information and add notes immediately after a meeting. This allows them to squeeze in administrative tasks between visits so that there’s no backlog to catch up on at the end of the day. 

The best routing software for sales reps can help with much more than travel planning. It can support schedule optimization, customer mapping, and even sales strategy. Choosing a powerful platform that integrates with your CRM provides a wealth of business benefits beyond simple route mapping. If you’d like to learn more about how sales route planning software can aid your business, then get in touch with one of our friendly team. 

Powerful Routing Software For Sales Reps

With over 2,100 customers and over 150+ employees worldwide, MapAnything asset tracking helps clients increase revenue, drive productivity, gain better territory visibility, and deepen customer loyalty. Our map-based field sales and service software is built for one simple task - empowering your enterprise to maximize revenue capture, maximize the number of happy customers you serve, and maximize leads generated to accurately attribute ROI. Our tracking software does this all in the CRM workflow to help clients streamline operations, automate business processes, and increase overall accuracy and adoption. 

MapAnything software provides field teams more effective, efficient, and profitable with route optimization and planning apps yielding the most powerful route. This allows you to perform vital Salesforce® tasks from the map - log calls, update records, create new tasks and events, and add thousands of contacts to a marketing campaign with one click. Schedule and optimize an entire week in MapAnything to spend less time planning, and more time selling.

Dynamic route optimization software from MapAnything brings your CRM data to life and ensures field teams are operating at maximum efficiency. When every meeting is a new opportunity to produce revenue, field teams need the right tools in their arsenal to spend more time with customers and less time planning routes or performing administrative tasks. Our route planning software arms field reps with the information they need to perform productively and generate a higher return on investment for your business. 

Interested in trying it out for your business? Turn your road reps into road warriors today by getting a live demo here.

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