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“More Sales in Less Time” Video Series

MapAnything and Jill Konrath present a 4 part series on how to increase sales productivity and save up to 2 hours per day. Corresponding workbooks and sales leader guides are also available for download.

In first video of Jill Konrath’s series, we learned how to save an hour or two per day by minimizing the distractions around us! It’s the crucial first step. And in taking it, we now better understand why time is the most precious asset for sales professionals.

Video two is all about Jill’s tactics for maximizing use of our time. First and foremost, she explains, it’s paramount for sales professionals to claim each day as their own, establish realistic and impactful priorities, and designate specific timeframes to complete each group of tasks, before they even begin “working.” This eliminates the trap, of checking emails upon our arrival to the office, that many of us tend to fall into.  Although most have the best intentions in doing so, starting the day checking emails is more often than not a day-long, crippling mistake. There’s too many unanticipated hurdles, distractions and competing priorities from others that likely lay in wait.

No. Successful sales professionals plan their days out. Let don’t let their days just happen to them. They brainstorm, distinguish and prioritize the truly important tasks that will have the maximum impact on their success.

Jill specifically suggests the following approach.

  1.  Starting your day with determining what three things you can do that day to create the maximum impact on your sales success. They should be activities that create help you create more opportunities, move buyers further along in their buying process, and/or close more deals.
  2.  After narrowing it down to three, narrow it down to one. Ask yourself “what one thing, can I realistically accomplish today that will have the MAXIMUM positive impact on my output?”
  3.  Once you decide on your number one priority, block off an adequate amount of time on your calendar to see it through. Remember, you may be better off tackling this task in the morning, when your brain is freshest.
  4. Next, determine the course and best use of the rest of your day. To ensure MAXIMUM productivity, group like activities together. Set aside one hour to make all your prospect calls. Another two hours to complete all your proposals for the day, etc. It’s all about getting your brain into a comfortable, non-taxing flow.

And if you’re a field sales rep, MapAnything is a great tool to ensure you are maximizing your time visiting clients and prospects. It will help you ensure you are able to make the most visits possible with route optimization, mobile point-of-interest search and lead generation functionality to fill last minute meeting cancellations, and more.

It’s also important to remember that we are human and that our brains are muscles. They require us to take breaks and replenish energy. It’s a physiological fact. So plan in breaks throughout your day. Get up and move around for at least five mins per hour.

When sales professionals can incorporate Jill’s process into their daily routine, higher productivity and more closed sales become inevitable results. So make a plan to plan your day, each and everyday. If you do, you’re already one step closer to “Selling More in Less Time.”

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Aubrey Resech
By: Aubrey Resech

Digital Marketing Manager at MapAnything