Sales Territory Mapping Software That Wins Every Time

Sales territory mapping software allows you to increase leads, conversions, and revenue. By taking a proactive approach to territory design, you can drive greater productivity and enhance customer satisfaction. But many businesses are stuck tracking information on an Excel spreadsheet, instead of taking advantage of modern mapping tools. In this article, we look at how you can use territory mapping software to improve your business results.


What Is Territory Mapping?

Sales territory mapping involves defining an area that reps are responsible for. It’s most commonly done based on geography, with a sales rep responsible for a specific region or area. But territory mapping can also segment customers by industry or product requirements. It’s increasingly common for sales people to operate in the same geographic area but focus on different customers based on their needs.


Territory mapping can happen in several different ways. Some businesses allocate territories based on zip codes or drive time from a rep’s home base. Others use a simple map and divide it up using color coding and pins. But the most efficient method is to use sales territory mapping software as it can process any number of different variables that are too complex to handle manually.


How Do You Manage A Sales Territory?

An individual sales representative is usually responsible for managing their own territory. Successful reps approach it as if they’re managing their own business. They define strategies and tactics that will help them achieve objectives defined by management. They then execute their sales and marketing plan, generating leads and converting them into opportunities, eventually persuading them to become paying customers.


It takes a strategic time management approach to build sales territories long-term. It’s important to strike a balance between new business development and converting warm leads. They also need to maintain good relationships with current customers so that they remain loyal and don’t switch to competitors. How reps plan and allocate their time is a crucial factor in successful territory management. So, software that helps them schedule their meetings and plan their day efficiently can make a huge difference to productivity.


How Do You Create A Territory Sales Plan?

The best way to create a territory sales plan is to start by defining your objectives. These will usually be dictated by management and include targets for either revenue or volume sales. You can then calculate how many sales you need to make in order to achieve these targets using your average order value. If you know your typical conversion rates, then you can establish how many customers you’ll need to visit in order to meet your objectives.


This is how you create a territory sales plan at the simplest level. But what if your objectives aren’t financial? Perhaps you’ve been asked to secure show sites for a new product, target specific customer segments, or focus on selling a particular service. If this is the case, then you’ll need to define what your target client looks like and make a plan to pitch to them.


Sales territory mapping software can help you do this in minutes. It allows you to filter your customers by category so that you can quickly narrow down your list. So, you can search for customers who are due for renewals or those who’ve purchased a particular product in the past. Then you can strategically focus your efforts on these and achieve your objectives with ease.


What Is Territory Optimization?

Territory optimization is an important part of sales management. By improving how your territories are defined and connected, you can ensure that your sales teams are working efficiently. Sales intelligence can help identify high-performing territories and opportunities for improvement. If one rep has more customers than they can visit but another is lagging behind, then it may be prudent to adjust their territories and balance the workload. Likewise, if a rep isn’t arranging enough meetings due to time constraints, then optimizing their route mapping can free up much-needed gaps in the day.  


Territory optimization can also help your business to scale and grow sustainably. Sales territory mapping software can help you allocate team resources in future growth areas. It can provide data visualization insights that influence field sales recruitment and inform strategic decisions. Territory alignment with business objectives is crucial if you’re to achieve both revenue and profitability targets.  


Sales Mapping Software For The Win

Territory mapping allows you to plan strategically and ensure adequate coverage. It enables you to generate more leads, nurture customer relationships, and convert more sales. But it’s not something that you can do with Google Maps and Microsoft Excel which is why it pays to use sales territory mapping software. It can help you to get the most out of your existing resources and plan ahead for the future. Start creating your territory plan today with our MapAnything TerrAlign platform.


How We Can Help

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