Sales VPs: There’s a new way to ignite revenues

GPS for Sales VPs

What keeps VPs of Sales up at night? Numbers. How will they empower their teams to make their numbers, exceed quotas, kill the quarter? One of the best ways to win in this numbers game if through face-to-face interaction. Even in our age of webinars and mobile phones, face-to-face meetings remain a pillar in many industries, critical to  cementing relationships, and long-term revenue. A global survey of 2,300 Harvard Business Review subscribers found that 95% of respondents feel that face-to-face meetings are key to successful long-term relationships, and 89% agree that face-to-face meetings are essential for “sealing the deal.”   But, face-to-face meetings are often easier said than done when travel costs are a concern and there is only so much time in a day. How can sales leaders retain the long-standing customer relationships that their field sales teams have built over the years while also scaling massively to drive new opportunities - all without hiring an additional army of expensive sales reps? Geo-Productivity Software (GPS) is the answer. GPS helps Sales VPs plan and easily re-plan territories to maximize revenue opportunities.  Plus, it makes their sales reps more productive, and gives visibility into sales cycles for more accurate forecasting and reporting. Here’s how.

Define territories by revenue potential

Does this sound familiar? Once a year you sit down for territory planning meetings, start off with a bang, then regroup at the end of the year to re-assess territories, trying desperately to understand why some areas have fizzled out and others seem to be booming. Geo productivity software gives sales leaders a new lens by which to define sales territories: revenue potential. Rather than defining territories by geographic landscape or population, GPS tells sales leaders where their customers and prospects are located. Sales resources can then be easily allocated, or re-assigned, based on relevant prospect opportunities. With GPS, sales leaders have the ability to laser-focus sales resources in locations that represent the highest likelihood of success.

Once you win customers, keep them

It’s 6-7x more expensive to attract new customers than to keep existing customers, so face-to-face visits with a company’s most valuable Tier 1 customers is an essential practice for sales teams. GPS apps allow sales leaders to prioritize customer visits using real-time data. GPS helps sales teams achieve greater satisfaction and loyalty by making visits more timely, ensuring the right cadence of face-to-face interactions, and giving reps real-time Salesforce data at their fingertips to make each visit highly productive.

Help sales reps drive more revenue

More than simple geo location or route optimization software, GPS combines geo location services with CRM data so sales professionals can prioritize sales visits and optimize travel between meetings. With GPS, field sales professionals can spend more time selling face-to-face and less time traveling.Because GPS is integrated with CRM, sales professionals schedule the right meetings, at the right time, to drive the most revenue. Sophisticated route planning capabilities consider traffic, weather and other factors to reduce travel between meetings. GPS takes the guess work out of field sales planning, making teams more efficient and successful.

Any sales VP that wants to increase revenues while streamlining sales resources needs Geo-productivity software. With more than 1,400 customers across the globe, ranging from large enterprises to small businesses, MapAnything is the GPS solution of choice. To learn more about how MapAnything and GPS software can help sales VPs ignite revenues,  download the Geo Productivity Software e-Book or contact us to schedule a GPS demo.

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Peter James
By: Peter James 

SVP of Sales at MapAnything