The Secret Sauce in Sales - Creating an Upward Spiral

This is the fourth and final blog in our “More Sales in Less Time” series, featuring exclusive insights and advice from renowned sales expert Jill Konrath.

Now we’re ready to bring it all together for a unbeatable strategy that’s sure to save you time each day, help you make more sales and fortify and sustain your pipeline. The last and final step is rewire our brains to embrace constant change and not fall into the autopilot trap.

Let me explain... in part one of this series we explored the impact that the brain’s amygdala has on sales performance. Well, so to does a portion of the brain called the basal ganglia. It’s the part of our brain that remains on the lookout for repetitive behavior that it can easily mimic. Whenever the basal ganglia registers you doing the same thing over and over, it turns it into a habit – that way the brain doesn’t have to waste energy on unnecessary tasks. Makes sense, right?

In sales however, this is a dangerous trap to fall into. It means you’re not continually looking for ways to get better. In fact, your brain actually fights against you making any and all changes. It likes routines. Yet sales success is dependent our ability to keep learning and growing.

So we need to intentionally activate another part of our brain to circumvent our natural impulses to repeat our patterns. And that’s our curiosity. It all starts by posing a question to ourselves: Something like this:

  • How can I get more people to respond to my email messages?
  • Or, how can I convert more initial conversations into follow up meetings?
  • Or, what could I do to increase the effectiveness of my presentations?

Then, you need to do research on your question and try to define the variables that impact your success rate. And finally, you need to conduct experiments to see if you can get better results.

Let’s take the first question we posed above, for example. First you might research all the possible factors that impact your likelihood of getting a response (i.e. your subject line, the length of the message, how it visually looks on a cell phone, etc.). Then the experimentation comes into play! You may now know that subject line is crucial to your response rate. But what kind of content, CTA’s and/or personalization will get you the best open rate. It’s up to you to figure that out. Form a few different versions of the same subject line (all accompanied by the same email), all highlighting the different hypothesis you want to test and then send them.  The response rates and ultimate results are often surprising. You should then have a clearer picture of what your prospects and customers appreciate the most. THis will help you engage with them more successfully.

So moral of the story, embrace the idea of experimentation and never let your curiosity wane. After all, what is most appreciated today by your prospects may not be what they most appreciate three months from now when you follow-up.  

Get an even clearer picture and step-by-step instructions on how to develop your ultimate upward spiral by watching Jill’s video series below.  

Watch the Video Series >>

Don’t let that basal ganglia in your brain hold you back. Tap into your natural curiosity and become better than you ever imagined!


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Aubrey Resech
By: Aubrey Resech
Digital Marketing Manager at MapAnything