Set It and Forget It with MapAnything Auto Assignment

You asked, and we delivered! Higher efficiency levels can now be yours. As part of our Summer 2017 Release (being pushed to production on July 22), we have launched our latest and greatest Auto Assignment feature. With this tool, we wanted to simplify and streamline the record assignment process, while making it robust enough to handle any powerful assignment criteria you might throw its way. And while it may take some planning and configuration up front, this is one task you’ll ultimately be able to set and forget.  


Why Use It?

Let’s say your sales team uses MapAnything for prospecting. On average your reps add 200 leads per day to your Salesforce org through MapAnything. From a lead generation perspective, this is critical to helping your team meet their goals. However, from a data management point of view, this can be a challenge. Locating each newly added record and ensuring the proper rep is assigned can be tedious when forced to execute it manually. Our new Auto Assignment solution addresses exactly that.  


How Does It Work?

First, you need to create a MapAnything Shape Layer. A Shape Layer can represent something like a territory for your records. For example, you might have a certain list of zip codes, a few states or something similar.

Auto Assignment - Shape Layer Builder

Second, you’ll create an Assignment Plan that includes all the objects you’d like to be able to automatically assign. The tool comes preconfigured to work with Leads and Accounts, but you can adapt it to work with your organization's custom objects as well.

Auto Assignment - Plan

Assignment plans are made up of Assignment Rules. Rules define specific criteria, rather than the general approach. An assignment rule would be something like, “All Leads, located in North Carolina, will be assigned to Jonathan (whose sales territory is the Southeast).”      

Auto Assignment - Rule

Each Assignment Plan can have multiple Assignment Rules. For example:

  • Jonathan might get North Carolina Accounts.
  • Jenny might get Pennsylvania Accounts.
  • And so on.

In addition, you can have multiple Assignment Plans. Basically, the sky’s the limit when it comes to setting up complex business processes.

Auto Assignment - Multiple Plans

What’s the Bottom Line?

Never again will you have to worry about a new lead being assigned to the correct rep. MapAnything Auto Assignment’s got you covered. So say goodbye to the hassle and hello to more valuable time each day!  

For all the details on our Summer 2017 Release, please review the full Release Notes. For other feature summaries and release highlights, we invite you to read our previous blog.

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Vikki Pope
By: Vikki Pope

Product Release Manager at MapAnything

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