Solarwatt and MapAnything deliver the world’s solar energy, one sale at a time

Solarwatt is the leading German manufacturer of solar power systems and one of the largest suppliers of home battery storage systems in today’s international marketplace!  Global Solar Photovoltaic (PV) demand has been growing rapidly over the past decade, with no signs of slowing and Solarwatt is meeting that demand head on, expanding quickly to keep pace. Now employing more than 300 people worldwide, the thriving company has established partnerships with BMW, Bosch and E.ON.

During this high growth phase, one key hurdle emerged for Solarwatt...their outdated CRM system. Namely, the challenge was its inability to keep up with the company's surging customer and prospect data processing needs. So sales leaders turned to Salesforce and MapAnything as premiere data management and geo-productivity solutions, capable of delivering the major efficiencies and solid sales growth they sought.

Eliot Biesold, Manager, Forecast/Sales Support for Solarwatt, explains: "In the PV market, location is really important in understanding where customers are and the resources available in the areas in which they reside. Now, as a result of MapAnything, we have precise data and can ask questions like, are a lot of PV plants renewed or built nearby? Is there an obvious need? We can find out all of this out now."

So, what is it about MapAnything that gives this solar energy leader the tools it requires to pursue new customer bases and geographic territories?


The power of instant insight:

"With MapAnything I just have to push a button to see all my customers; I can organize my area," said Vice President of Sales for Solarwatt, Felix Brauer. Prior to MapAnything, Solarwatt’s average sales rep used to fit in about  3 to 4 customer visits a day. Through integrating CRM data with live maps, providing visuals that show where customers and prospects are located geographically, and supporting automated scheduling and routing, MapAnything has allowed Solarwatt sales reps to hold 15% more appointments.


The ability to find hot spots:

MapAnything enables the Solarwatt team to identify geographic areas where they may need sales partners (for instance, in the growing realm of B2C solar power sales). This helps the reps focus their daily efforts where they're needed the most, and to split the work efficiently in other areas where it makes more sense to share the workload. Brauer continued, "With MapAnything I can see right away where I need to develop new partnerships. It made everything so much more clear. "


Cost savings and increased revenue:

Because MapAnything helps sales reps easily fill schedule gaps through route planning and optimization, and plan travel with real-time traffic and weather consideration, sales reps spend much less time driving and more time in customer and prospect meetings. As a result, Solarwatt was able to reduce fuel costs for reps by 20% . On the flip side, the more business Solarwatt secures, the more business is funneled to the company's installers. MapAnything helps bring more customers into the funnel, plus it automates much of the data input, smoothing the path from introduction to installation. Since implementing MapAnything, Solarwatt has raised installer revenue by 50%.


MapAnything is proud to help Solarwatt in its quest to bring solar powered energy to more businesses and homes. Sven Schwarz, Vice President of Forecast/Sales Support, distills the essence of Solarwatt mission: "PV is a way to get energy out of the sun so that everyone can get energy as a service, and we can change the world and improve it." Well said, Sven. Thank you for the opportunity to help your sales teams expand their reach and accelerate processes to bring solar energy to more people.


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Aubrey Resech
By: Aubrey Resech

Digital Marketing Manager at MapAnything