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"Battles are won in the trenches, in the grit and grime of courageous determination; they are won day by day in the arena of life."
- Charles R. Swindoll


Selling has always been a challenging art form and it's only getting more difficult as the years progress! In a world of smart phones, spam filters and screened calls, it's more important now than ever to schedule face-to-face interactions in order to differentiate you and your business from the next offering. Taking this market challenge into account, a chief component in most company’s sales strategies has become to determine the ideal frequency of face-to-face interactions in order to maximize cross-sell and upsell opportunities, while reducing churn.

While attempting to meet today’s ever-evolving business demands, sales reps are required to get creative when developing their territory coverage and day-to-day sales execution plans.  Quite often this approach can yield inefficiencies and missed opportunities, while resulting in varying degrees of effectiveness. To clarify, even if your best sales rep is managing their territory, leads and opportunities 100% effectively, we can reasonably assume that there is likely some disorganization further down the ranks. This being the case, it is also likely that at least some money is being left on the table and that the company’s top and bottom lines are not being fully realized.

Enter sales intelligence platforms.  This technology provides sales and service professionals with tools to aggregate their sales data and act on it in ways that maximize their output. Intelligence applications can also be customized with process automation and workflows that reflect a company’s prefered sales approach. This then inadvertently requires reps to follow a company-prescribed territory coverage strategy. The solution may seem simple, but many companies continue to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on elaborate sales methodology training programs. Although these kinds of programs may seem appealing up front, they often lack the capacity to measure and enforce reps' adoption of them, leading to inconsistent adherence to company policies and initiatives, and ultimately wasted money.

Alas, this is why I am so keen on sales intelligence software. Imagine you could create and implement a universal territory coverage plan that addresses how reps attack new leads, current customers and highest value opportunities. Imagine then that you could also build-out a daily schedule and visits for a rep, taking into account specific business logic (i.e. customers with a certain level of annual revenue should supercede new business opportunities that haven't been contacted in the last 15 days). In this scenario, the knowledgeable and experienced sales leadership team can streamline their reps daily activities, ensuring they maximize their customer visits and ultimately bring in the most revenue possible. The idea is to sell more, think less... and take the individual “human” element out of the planning process. Gone are the days of tedious planning cycles, lengthy business reviews and extensive travel forecasts. Intelligence software is the answer for today’s world and it’s the future of sales and service. With it you can sell smarter. With it you’re sure to sell more!


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Tyler Reboulet
By: Tyler Reboulet

General Business Account Executive at MapAnything