Survey Says - Field Sales is More Challenging Than Ever, But Essential for Today’s Businesses

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Learn what the hunfreds of sales professionals surveyed, identified as the challenges, strategies, and outlook for field sales!

Today, we are releasing the results of our 2017 State of Field Sales Survey, which we conducted with the help of SellingPower™.  This spring, we surveyed hundreds of sales professionals to discover the challenges, strategies, and outlook for field sales.  The respondents were sales leaders and sales reps. The results are in and the insights are compelling.

The first insight is that the profession of field sales has never been more challenging. Product innovation is happening faster than ever before. There is more competition with 1.5 million businesses started each year.  Sales reps are being asked to do more, see more prospects and customers, and still manage the day-to-day tasks of CRM updates, administration, and meetings. Efficiency is critical. The most successful sales reps will creatively leverage new tools and strategies to achieve their goals.   

Still, in the face of all of this, our survey revealed that face-to-face selling and prospecting is necessary to build brands, close deals and secure customer relationships.  According to an April 2017 Harvard Business Review article, face-to-face interactions are 34 times more effective than email or phone conversations. Fifty-two percent of our respondents stated that to close business, face-to-face interaction is required “all of the time”.  

Face-to-face interactions are key to increasing customer loyalty, building a corporate brand, differentiating against competition, and finding new prospects.  Our new ebook reveals many interesting stats about how companies are addressing the challenge of too little time, too many meetings, and the requirement to get customer facetime.

With innovative new tools and technology including geo-productivity software, the most creative and focused sales professionals are winning the challenging world of field sales.  To learn more, please download our ebook, or watch our webinar replay.  We believe that geo-productivity is key to finding the facetime you need to succeed in today’s competitive field sales environment.

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Brian Bachofner
By: Brian Bachofner

CMO at MapAnything