#TheOptimizers Weigh In

#TheOptimizers Weigh In

We’re not the only ones tackling topics like routing optimization, decision support challenges and multivariate scheduling…there’s a ton of great articles and research out there by a variety of thought leaders in the industry!

This blog is where we like to recognize their thoughts and weigh on the matters they discuss from the point-of-view of #TheOptimizers.

Field Technologies Online
1.  Field Technologies Online 

The State Of Field Services 2018"  - By Vele Galovski, VP Research, Field Services, Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA)


Weighing In for #TheOptimizers:  John Stewart, CEO at MapAnything 

"I believe the points in this article, and those expanded upon in the full report, about optimizing service delivery are some of the most pressing issues facing service-centric organizations across the board. I believe more advanced routing and scheduling algorithms can be a remedy, contributing significantly to reducing costs. By applying decision science to improve response times. Correct routing algorithms need to take into account multivariate issues — everything from historical time-based traffic patterns to real time changes in weather, then layer in conflicting priorities. More importantly, routing needs to be connected to scheduling in order to have contextual awareness of where other service agents are — with the necessary parts. Rather than having to travel all the way back to stores or headquarters to get missing parts, service agents can simply travel to the closest colleague. With that intuitive adjustment, companies can slash the amount of time — and cost — it takes for service teams to find and fix hardware issues."

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