Time to Weigh In: You CAN Attain GeoFitness for Your Fleet

When tasked with managing a fleet, too often the numbers don’t end up balancing out the way we want them to! Cost variables seem to become more and more unruly and unforeseen obstacles amass at the worst possible times, almost as if on cue. What if I told you you could get your fleet in tip top shape and your costs under control with a few, easy-to-implement exercises?  Don’t believe me, check out our “GeoFitness Fleet Checklist” below.    

GeoFitness Fleet Checklist

Download the Infographic - GeoFitness Fleet Checklist  >>

So don’t despair. A remedy does indeed exist and your fleet can thrive again. You just need to add Geo-Productivity Software (GPS) to your arsenal.  


With GPS, your fleet can experience:

  • Optimized driver schedules, which translate to MORE stops per day

  • Geo-productive routes, which take into account real-time traffic and weather conditions, virtually eliminating any and all late deliveries  

  • Significant cost savings from decreased idle time, deferred maintenance and driver overtime

Eager to take the first steps towards getting your fleet GeoFit? Our geo-productivity team is ready to help you choose the right track and start getting the results you want. Get a Demo >>


Need some more info before you schedule a demo?


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Aubrey Resech
By: Aubrey Resech

Digital Marketing Manager at MapAnything

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