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Upload your non-Salesforce data to further increase productivity

With our recent release of MapAnything Spring 2019, MapAnything users have since expressed a strong interest in learning more about a new feature: Self-Hosted Data Sets.

Whether you are new to data sets or you previously requested self hosting of data sets, this is a perfect time to learn about and leverage how to use this new and highly requested feature.

What are Self-hosted Data Sets?

Self-Hosted Data Sets allow MapAnything users to have geographical visualization of data that is not stored in Salesforce or provided by MapAnything. This has a number of benefits, such as:

  • Allowing users to view and take action on business critical non-Salesforce data within MapAnything
    • For example, an Outside Sales rep might have a list of prospects in a CSV file that they use daily, but these prospects are not in Salesforce and would require manually adding the qualified prospects as Leads. However, by using Self-Hosted Data Sets the sales rep can simply upload the CSV file to MapAnything. Once uploaded, the sales rep would have all the prospect information from the CSV in their customized Data Layer of prospects, and with just a click of our Click2Create button they can quickly add the qualified prospect to Salesforce as a lead.
  • Gain insight between your existing data of accounts and potential prospects based on your chosen criteria
    • For example, an Inside Sales Rep might have a list of prospects in an excel document and would like to see the location of the prospects in comparison to existing accounts or open opportunities in Salesforce.
  • Have a method of collaborating with your partners to better understand your shared territories and identify market trends
    • For example, a Channel Sales Rep may have a challenge of evaluating their Leads/Contacts in Salesforce against those of their Partners' Leads/Contacts which are not in Salesforce. Via the Self-Hosted Data Sets, both parties can now visualize their shared territories, identify trends based on location, and quicken their pipeline generation.

These are just some of the benefits from using Self-Hosted Data Sets.

To learn more please watch our OnDemand Webinar and visit our knowledge base for more information.

Frantz Dugue
Manager of Client Success

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