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Visualize Your Enterprise: Answering the Five Essential Questions That Drive Business Growth

Visualize Your Enterprise

This is the first blog of our "Visualize Your Enterprise" series, where we'll explore the five key questions that are crucial to effective field sales and service operations.  

As consumers in 2018, we all know there’s an app for almost any activity we are looking to complete! Whether we want to track our fitness goals, making a dinner reservation or reserve a parking spot, we rely heavily on today’s innovative technology to help us be more efficient, on-the-go. And as a whole, we as consumers have become more productive in our personal lives.

So, it comes as no surprise that businesses want in on the positive results of this trend. Specifically, they have realized they need a better way to optimize their field sales and service resources, that allows them to focus on only the most important customers and revenue goals. In order to accomplish this a new factor of consideration has arisen when it comes to building a field strategy––location.

Understanding the location of customers and prospects or revenue generating assets, and the field teams that service them, is changing enterprise field operations. This concept is called Location of Things (LoT), and it’s making it possible to visualize the enterprise in entirely new ways.

LoT Defined:

More than simple geo-location or route optimization software, LoT technology combines geo-location services with Salesforce so reps can prioritize customer visits, optimize travel between meetings, and easily update CRM with essential information.

Enterprise leaders are using LoT technology to answer the key questions involved in e ective field sales and service operations:

  1. How many field reps do I need?
  2. Where do they need to be?
  3. What is the optimal way to see the most customers?
  4. Which customers have my reps actually seen?
  5. What is the result of each customer visit?

By optimizing and refining field operations against these five questions, enterprises are able to better reach business objectives and rapidly drive revenue growth.

To learn more about these five questions, why they’re important and the results they can drive for your enterprise, download our eBook.


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By: Aubrey Resech
Digital Marketing Manager at MapAnything

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