Visualize Your Enterprise: First up, determining how many field reps do you need?

Visualize Your Enterprise

This is the second blog in our "Visualize Your Enterprise" series, where we'll explore the five key questions that are crucial to effective field sales and service operations.  

Now that we’ve established the importance of incorporating LoT (Location-of-Things) technology into your field sales and/or service org, it’s time to move onto the next crucial task of addressing the five questions that will help drive your business growth. And the first question should come as no surprise. Determining  how many reps you need, in order to maximize sales, may sound relatively basic but the task is multi-layered.

It really comes down to finding revenue. And that’s a face-to-face activity.

“Most executives believe that face-to-face meetings are more than essential; and certain benefits of face-to-face meetings, tangible and intangible, cannot be replaced by technology. Research shows that virtually all business executives (95%) feel that face-to-face meetings are essential to building long-term business relationships.”
- Harvard Business Review, April 2016

Research shows that strong relationships are built more quickly through face-to-face interactions. For field sales and service professionals, face-to-face visits are key to reaching a desired outcome within meaningful timeframes (say, before the end of the quarter). Additionally, most sales people agree that face-to-face meetings help to “seal the deal” because negotiations are easier and it is possible to avoid the uncertainty and delay that can occur when trying to close a deal via a phone call.         

With LoT technology, field sales and service teams are able to:      

  • Conduct more quality meetings per day.
  • Optimize rep assignments and territory plans for maximum revenue. • Identify new leads in targeted geographic areas.
  • Discover and monetize new profitable accounts.

Determining how many reps you need really is the first step towards building a sustainable growth trajectory for your business. To learn more about the process and the other four questions, we invite you to download our eBook.

Stay tuned for our next blog, where we’ll explore the importance and implications of question two!


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Aubrey Resech

By: Aubrey Resech
Digital Marketing Manager at MapAnything