Wall Street Journal Expands on New Partnership Between GM and MapAnything

GM/MapAnything Announcement Coverage

Steve Norton, of the Wall Street Journal, highlights the major components of the strategic agreement between GM and MapAnything, announced on June 29,  in his recent blog post. He notes process automation, route optimization and capabilities like geofencing as key benefits of the deal.  

Please find a portion of the blog post, as published by WSJ, below.

General Motors Adds Fleet Productivity Service to OnStar

Deal with MapAnything combines telematics, Salesforce data in automation of ​some business processes

General Motors Co. on Thursday said it signed a deal with MapAnything Inc. that will make it possible for GM’s fleet customers to integrate vehicle data with Salesforce.com Inc. data. The new service could make sales reps and fleet managers more productive by helping them streamline routes and automate parts of the sales process.

MapAnything, a Salesforce-backed company based in Charlotte, North Carolina, sells what it calls “geo-productivity software” that gives a visual mapping interface to Salesforce or ServiceNow Inc software. The service, called MapAnything Live, is available as a subscription through GM’s OnStar vehicle communications service.

The partnership with GM would allow sales teams to automate certain processes based on the location of a vehicle. For example, a sales representative could set up a geofence around a client site. When the rep leaves the client area in an OnStar-equipped vehicle, the work order status automatically would update to show that a meeting occurred. From there, it may generate an invoice or change the status of a case.

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