What do Location and Multifactor Route Optimization have in common, besides everything?

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We mentioned a while back how we’re blowing the lid off of traditional Route Optimization with brand new ways in which you can build, optimize, and learn from the best routes for your field reps. We even built our own team, “The Optimizers”, dedicated to developing the most robust routing engine around.

If you aren’t up on all the cool details, check out our blog all about The Optimizers here.

Now that you’re caught up. You probably have some questions about what all of those super technical terms mean and how all those super technical outcomes can help you. I’ve broken it down below into three use cases that you can likely identify with.



Situation: Bob, Sr. Sales Leader, needs to ensure his field reps have time for prospecting, as well as tending to current customer inquiries.

Solution: With Multifactor Route Optimization, Bob is able to set specific times during which he wants his reps on the road visiting current customers and continuing to build relationships that lead to brand loyalty. Bob can also set specific “Prospecting Hours”, using configuration settings, to ensure his reps are putting time on their calendars to find new customers. He can then use custom dashboards to track progress against the plans he’s set forth and ensure field rep accountability.



Situation: Carol, Sales Operations Manager, needs to prepare a report and dashboard showing how her field reps are performing within certain territories.

Solution: Carol has already used Multifactor Route Optimization with MapAnything to set specific work hours, prospecting time windows, visualize her territories, etc, and set her team on a path to success with historic data built into their routes. Now, Carol can easily build a dashboard using reports within Salesforce and allow access to the executive team. On that dashboard, Carol can report on how much time and how many miles her field reps have driven, if they are meeting their goals, how much time is spent on prospecting vs. current customer care, and more since she set those goals ahead of time.



Situation: Sabrina, VP of Sales, just left a meeting in which the CEO told her that territories seem to be underperforming based on revenue generation.

Solution: With real-time visualization of the progress her field reps are making against their routes, Sabrina can see that her reps have been spending more time with their “regular” customers, instead of sourcing new prospects. Sabrina then talks to her Operations Manager who is easily able to build a plan that optimize routes and schedules based on current customer or prospect priority level. This ensures that Sabrina’s reps are spending time with high-converting prospects to continue to drive revenue, and make her CEO happy!


Those are just a few of the many, many ways MapAnything’s Multifactor Route Optimization Engine can be used to ensure SLAs and VFAs are being met, drive overall field productivity and lower TCO, and continue to build brand loyalty and top-notch customer satisfaction.

For more information on how routing optimization can transform your field sales numbers in 2019, we invite you to download the recording of our recent webinar, “Catapult Field Sales Productivity in 2019: MapAnything Guide Knows the Best Route to Success.”

We also just released our brand new eBook,”High-Velocity Field Sales with Multifactor Route Optimization: A Fresh Approach to Managing and Measuring Sales with Visit Frequency Agreements (VFA),” so make sure and check it out as well.


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Jill Koskosky

By: Jill Koskosky
Product Marketing Manager at MapAnything