What Telematics 2.0 Means for the Enterprise

GM Announcement

You may have seen our joint press release with General Motors this week announcing a Strategic partnership to connect OnStar to our MapAnything Live IoT Platform. This Partnership is a significant milestone in our mission to make Enterprise software more Geo-Aware.  

For too long, large Fleet customers have viewed the vehicles as assets that need to be acquired, maintained, depreciated on the balance sheet, and then replaced.  Even the most advanced Field Service organizations leveraging Route Management, scheduling and consumer alerting are still managing their fleets in a separate system, totally disconnected from the customer platform; or the  “Systems of Work/Engagement”.

And why wouldn't it be separate?!  Traditional Fleet Management and Telematics have focused on compliance, safety, and cost reduction.  All important things but not part of the core business mission of most companies with fleets, unless they are in the logistics business.

When we launched MapAnything Live at Dreamforce 16, we did so with the idea that any connected IoT device or asset could be visible within our Map-based UI.  And more importantly, we launched with the notion that this real-time IoT data should be able to be easily leveraged by a business user to update or create records, automate business processes, give a better customer experience, and drive revenue.

And what is a Chevy Silverado, if not a 2.5 ton connected IoT device?  It’s a necessary component in delivering services to your customers; or acquiring new ones.  It needs maintenance, it’s critical to protect the safety of your employees, and when connected to Salesforce it can leverage location to:

  • Trigger a workflow like changing case status, start a billing timer, generate an invoice or update a client on driver location and ETA
  • Check in and check out of appointments while logging key Sales and Service insights
  • Enable real-time routing and schedule optimization based on location and capacity

What makes our GM partnership truly unique is that this can all be done without the hassles that come with traditional telematic deployments or large scale software integration projects.  

  • No installation or management of devices.  
  • No vehicle or employee downtime during deployment
  • No coding or integration to 3rd part IoT platforms or device clouds

Just input your GM  VIN in the MapAnything platform, build out workflows in our MapAnything Live Rules Builder, and start capturing insights to make your sales or service organization more successful.

It’s customer-centric fleet management and telematics.  It’s for Sales Reps, Delivery Drivers, and Field Service Technicians.  It’s built with the business user in mind.

We’re very excited about the future of the GM + MapAnything Partnership.  Our initial integration is available NOW, and we’ll have many more enhancements to share on the lead-up to Dreamforce 17.


John Stewart
By: John Stewart 

CEO at MapAnything