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MapAnything and ServiceNow

Recently, we announced a partnership with ServiceNow to bring our geo-productivity software to the ServiceNow platform.  This is exciting for a few reasons, primarily because ServiceNow is the leader in IT service automation enabling large organizations to streamline IT service requests and manage their IT infrastructure.   Through this  unique integration we’ll help organizations deliver and manage IT services more efficiently.  It’s a pretty exciting time…and is an indication of how geo-productivity will also add geo-intelligence to many business processes.

Most people in large organizations have experienced the frustration of calling into the IT help desk, and waiting, sometimes a long time, for an IT professional to show up and fix whatever is broken.   IT professionals are often frustrated with a huge backlog of service requests. And, many of IT organizations support large campuses and multiple sites.   Our partnership with ServiceNow will dramatically improve service by a adding a vital “location layer.”  This added insight will enable customers to:

  • View and engage with ServiceNow data across multiple tables from a map
  • Map IT incidents, field service work orders and HR Cases
  • Track assets and configuration item locations; know when assets and services are non-operational

We believe that adding an intelligent map-based interface and geo-productivity to a variety of workflows can revolutionize how people move through their daily work life more efficiently. MapAnything has revolutionized field sales, and will now dramatically improve the IT service industry. And, we’re just getting started.

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Brian Bachofner
By: Brian Bachofner

CMO at MapAnything