Winter '18 Release: Introducing MapAnything's Schedule Tool

New Scheduler Tool

Throughout 2018, we'll be releasing brand new product improvements aimed at helping you Reach Your Max, starting with the scheduling improvements outlined below. Whether you're a sales, fleet, service, or marketing team, our goal is to help you Maximize Productivity, Maximize Happy Customers, and Maximize Leads and Attributed ROI. Gear up for Maximum Potential, because 2018 is the year to Reach Your Max.

The Schedule tool is an optimization tool for planning your days with native Salesforce Events. You can access the Schedule by selecting the Schedule panel on the main navigation bar in MapAnything.


Quick Overview:

  • Time View
    • Shows your events for the current day, additionally, you can drag or remove appointments in this view.
  • To Be Scheduled
    • This is a temporary holding area.
  • Optimize your Schedule
    • The Schedule tool allows you to optimize your events for the day according to driving distance. However, you can also manually create your schedule according to your plans.
  • Schedule Configuration
    • MapAnything's Schedule default is optimized between the hours of 9:00am to 5:00pm with an appointment duration of 30 minutes. Similar to other MapAnything features, this setting can easily be changed to meet your specific business needs.
  • Schedule Views
    • You may view your schedule by the day, week, month or our Gantt-style Resource view.


Sounds great, but why would I use it?

  • Plan your day around scheduled appointments.
    • If you are a sales rep and you have 2-3 scheduled appointments throughout the day, visualize your calendar graphically on the map with MapAnything's Schedule tool.
    • If you are a field technician and your job is to visit clients' homes, likely at scheduled times set by appointment, the Schedule tool is a great way to assist when planning your day and visualizing where you need to be while on the road.
  • If you are a florist, with Valentine's Day quickly approaching, the Schedule tool is a great feature to provide you with the confidence you need when guaranteeing that you will deliver each order at the correct time and place.

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Interested in learning more? Here is an in-depth breakdown of our Schedule tool.

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Joe Guerra
By: Joe Guerra
Product Manager at MapAnything

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