Winter '18 Release: MapAnything Routes vs. MapAnything Schedule

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Sales, fleet, service, and marketing teams, 2018 is the year you Maximize Productivity, Maximize Happy Customers, and Maximize Leads and Attributed ROI. Want to learn more about what it means to Reach Your Max? Click here!

As part of our 2018 goal of helping you Reach Your Max, we'll be releasing innovative product enhancements aimed toward helping you be as efficient and successful as possible. The Schedule feature is just one taste of the product enhancements that are coming your way in 2018.

ICYMI: The Schedule tool is an optimization tool for planning your days with native Salesforce Events. You can access the Schedule by selecting the Schedule panel on the main navigation bar in MapAnything.


As part of our Schedule blog mini-series, this blog is going to determine which component of MapAnything is better for your business needs. Routes vs. Schedule. Which one should you use and why?

MapAnything Routing


Route Functionality

  • Create a route in MapAnything with markers or imported events
  • Ability to create time-based routes
  • Lock start and end location on map
  • Optimize your route
  • And so much more!


Schedule Functionality

  • Time view allows you to view your events for the current day
  • To be scheduled temporary holding area
  • Optimize your schedule
  • Add new events to your schedule
  • And so much more!
MapAnything Schedule Tool

After reading the functionality of both Routes and Schedule, you might be thinking we are comparing apples to oranges...let's break it down even further:

Plan your day around set appointments with MapAnything Schedule.

  • If you are a sales rep and you have 2-3 scheduled appointments throughout the day, visualize your calendar graphically on the map with MapAnything's Schedule tool.
  • If you are a field technician and your job is to visit clients' homes, likely at scheduled times set by appointment, the Schedule tool is a great way to assist when planning your day and visualizing where you need to be while on the road.

Fill empty space in your calendar with MapAnything Routes.

  • If you are a road warrior and are visiting a new city for one appointment but plan on filling your day with as many stops as possible, use Routes to optimize your day and check more prospects off your list quicker.

Still haven't settled the debate? Click here for an in-depth breakdown of Routes vs. Schedule. 


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Joe Guerra
By: Joe Guerra
Product Manager at MapAnything