Winter '19 Release Central: Here's everything you need to know

Winter '19 Release Central

It's official! Our Winter '19 Release takes productivity up a notch and is on its way to your Salesforce instance.

What are we most excited about? The new MapAnything Next-level Routing Engine! Our new routing engine allows you to optimize based on priority-level and optimize across a week. Set fire to your sales and service goals by taking into consideration numerous objectives like multiple stops, customer priorities, pre-scheduled meetings, traffic patterns, the Account's Annual Contract Value, and more to solve your complex routing and scheduling needs.

Our Winter 2019 Release also has a number of updates to scheduling and expands upon Points of Interest functionality. Get ready for a wild ride! MapAnything just upped the ante.


Next-Level Routes and Schedules

You can now schedule your events according to priority! Take into consideration Einstein® Scores, Pardot® Scores, potential revenue, and more. With our new routing and scheduling engine, you can make more informed decisions as to who you visit and when you get there using the Schedule Tool.  

Within your day or week view, you can hover over a scheduled event to quickly see where it ranks. The higher the number, based on your preset calculations or parameters, the quicker you’ll get there.

Next-Level Routing Optimization

Schedule Multiple Days from Week View

You asked and we delivered! When in the week view of Schedule, users are now able to add items from the queue to multiple days. Say what!? That’s right. You can now schedule and optimize an ENTIRE WEEK in MapAnything. Check out the gif below to see what you can do.

Next-Level Scheduling Optimization

But wait, there’s more! (Yes, I’m that cheesy…)


  • Custom Start and End Locations

    • Did someone say “I need to start here, but end over there?” Well, yes, yes someone did, and we listened! Schedule now supports the option to create custom start and end locations directly on your schedule! Simply click on the schedule and then select to set a start or end location. That simple.

  • Clone a Schedule

    • Ever wanted to just repeat a schedule with the click of a button? We made it happen, straight up Harry Potter level stuff. Now, simply click “Clone Schedule” and voila! Same schedule, new day.

  • Add POIs to your Schedule

    • You know how you search Google for those ever-so-powerful 5 star reviews? We’ve gone ahead and made it super simple to see those ratings in MapAnything. Taking a client to lunch and want to scout a 5-star spot nearby? Done.


Want to see how these new features can help your business? Click below to schedule a demo with one of our handy dandy reps.


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Jill Koskosky

By: Jill Koskosky
Product Marketing Manager at MapAnything