Young Audiences of Oregon and Southwest Washington Uses MapAnything Geo-Productivity to Bring the Arts to Youth

By: MapAnything Marketing

Young Audiences of Oregon and Southwest Washington  helps inspire young students and expand their learning through the arts. Young Audiences taps into the creative resources of the community, connecting visual artists, filmmakers, actors, literary artists, musicians, and others with classroom teachers to expose kids to many different art forms.  

Cary Clark, executive director of Young Audiences of Oregon & Southwest Washington, describes the organization’s important mission: “We won’t rest until every child in Oregon and Southwest Washington has the arts fully integrated into their education. There are obviously a lot of needs out there and a lot of ways that we can improve our education system. We definitely believe that arts and music, broadly defined, are a key part of that. We give students the skills they need to succeed in school, in work, and in life. It’s important to make sure that the next generation of citizens and leaders are compassionate, empathetic, rigorous, inquisitive…all the things that we want from our society as a whole, and the arts are an incredibly powerful tool in fostering those skills.”


Act One: A Problem Presents Itself

Part of a larger national network of 33 chapters, the Oregon and Southwest chapter serves between 70,000 and 80,000 students a year in 200 different schools. The chapter has steadily grown in scope and programming, but with that growth comes inevitable growing pains.  Like many nonprofits, the organization doesn’t have a big pool of resources. The small team often has to try to do more with less, and many times that means that every person hits the pavement to collaborate with artists and teachers in hundreds of communities. Yet they have no efficient way to track those interactions.  As a result, one team member might visit a school on a Monday, and a different member of the team may show up on Thursday for a completely unrelated reason. If the team were better able to coordinate and collaborate, they could efficiently turn multiple meetings into one, freeing up team time to work on other tasks.


Act Two: MapAnything Rushes in to Assist

As a first step, Young Audiences implemented Salesforce to begin collecting and consolidating details of interactions across all of their community connections. As part of that offering, the team was able to leverage MapAnything to visually represent their growing network of partners and collaborators.  The results were transformational. Young Audiences’ fundraising team was able to:

Accelerate fundraising efforts

Accelerate fundraising efforts by studying visual representations of interactions. With MapAnything’s visual representations, Young Audience leaders can instantly uncover epicenters of successful programs, then secure more funding from surrounding businesses and government entities that have a vested interest in their local communities.

Save time and money

Save time and money by moving away from cumbersome Excel tracking and confusing black box solutions. With MapAnything, there are no experts needed. Everyone can access, update, and parse the same information through intuitive, self-service portals.

Visually communicate success

Visually communicate success for maximum impact. As an arts organization, Young Audiences’ staff and partner network is comprised of many visual thinkers. Rather than rely on tables or lists of words and numbers to communicate the project’s success to board members and donors.

Cary Clark added, “MapAnything’s visuals tell stories in a way that holds much more emotional value. To see information on a map and not just as a list or a table of information really helps a message sink in, in a different way. There’s certainly practical value to that, and there’s also a storytelling and emotional value that I think people really respond to.”

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