Cafe Rio Mexican Grill, Inc.

About Cafe Rio Mexican Grill, Inc.

Cafe Rio Mexican Grill, Inc. is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah and has been serving its loyal customers fresh Mexican food since 1997. The company currently operates over 70 restaurants in 11 states.


Situation Analysis

Cafe Rio’s Catering team uses Salesforce to track perspective customers, existing customers and prospects. All inbound catering orders are fielded by 15 professionals in a central call center (located in Utah) and distributed among the over 70 locations.

On a typical day, the catering team fields hundreds of orders.

Assigning orders to the correct location can be time consuming. In areas such as Las Vegas, Phoenix and suburban Virginia – there are multiple locations within a few miles of one another. Las Vegas alone gets about 20 orders a day.

“There are lots of variables in our business; sometimes the shortest route to a delivery is not the quickest. This is particularly true for our California locations where short routes can actually have extremely long drive times due to traffic,” shared Stephanie Hoover, Director of Catering.

Prior to using MapAnything, Cafe Rio was using Google Maps and Yahoo! Maps. “The information was often inaccurate and this led to inefficiencies. When we started to support our entire organization, it became clear that Google Maps wasn’t scalable and we needed another solution,” stated Lacey Jensen, Catering Call Center Manager.


Business Challenges MapAnything Solves

Assigning Catering Jobs

Cafe Rio uses MapAnything’s boundary overlay function to segment territories and quickly assign catering orders.

Route and Schedule Optimization

Delivery schedules are optimized and drivers receive turn-by-turn directions. Cafe Rio also knows the time each driver will arrive at a delivery, which ensures food remains warm and gets there on time.

Travel Reimbursement

Cafe Rio also uses MapAnything to calculate mileage reimbursements for drivers.

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