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About Cardella Waste & Westside Environmental

Serving the New York and New Jersey metropolitan area, Cardella Waste & Westside Environmental is a waste removal company that targets the construction and demolition markets. For over 65 years, Cardella has worked to save their clients time and money on waste removal while utilizing enviromentally friendly practices. They pride themselves in their unique ability to recycle off site and develop more eco-friendly ways to meet today's more sophisticated waste management requirements. 

Situation Analysis and Challenges

All critical information at Cardella sits inside Salesforce.  It is the foundation of the company's business and is used to manage the workflow of contracts, assets, and service deliveries. 

The company dispatches vehicles daily to deliver and pick up dumpsters. With over 10K scattered across New York and New Jersey, Cardella's most valuable asset are its dumpsters.  Effectively managing this inventory was critically important to the company's growth. Cardella needed the ability to answer one critical business question: where are its dumpsters? 

In 2012, Cardella found MapAnything on the Salesforce AppExchange and the tool completely changed the way the company does business. In 2016, Cardella's use case lead to the creation of MapAnything Live - which is an integrated vehicle telematics solution that enables Internet of Things workflow inside Salesforce. 


"Everyday we went through this information explosion and we were taking all the information that was already captured in Salesforce and getting a better user interface and a better visual with MapAnything," shared Joseph Cardella, Senior Vice President at Cardella Waste & Westside Environmental.

Inventory Management

Being able to see the location of its dumpsters color coded by data such as dumpster type has enabled Cardella to better manage its inventory.  Better inventory management has meant Cardella did not need to pruchase additional dumpsters (or trucks) and the company could better utilize its existing drivers. 

Rental Scheduling

With MapAnything, Cardella dispatchers can see customers, dumpsters, sites, assets and the real-time location of their trucks.  They can assign the rental assets, change routes and even contact the customer without leaving the map.  Weather and traffic overlays give them invaluable insight on real-time conditions that could impact rental deliveries. 

Workflow Automation

Cardella has completely automated its business workflows with MapAnything Live.  When trucks arrive at a site, an alert is sent to the customer's phone and the delivery status is updated automatically in Salesforce with arrival time, departure time, and waiting time captured.  This automation ensures all business critical data is captured in Salesforce without any manual data entry. 

Revenue Capture

Cardella trucks have an allotted amount of time they are contractually obligated to stay on a site.  If they have to stay longer due to delays the extra time can be billed to the customer.  MapAnything Live makes this revenue capture easy. It tracks and records time spent on site and (if necessary) invoices are automatically generated in Salesforce to ensure revenue is captured. 


"MapAnything is a game-changer that turns Salesforce into a business command center. It impacts our bottom line by enabling us to make better decisions. As a result, we get more work done with the same number of trucks, save on labor, fuel and maintenance costs and our customers are happier," stated Joseph Cardella, Senior Vice President at Cardella Waste & Westside Environmental. 

As a result of MapAnything, Cardella has experienced the following:

  • Cost savings (labor, gas, vehicle maintenance)
  • Less exposure
  • New revenue capture
  • Time saved on International Fuel Tax Agreement (or IFTA) reporting

"The only way we were able to become an on-demand service was because of MapAnything. It gives us the ability to make informed decisions quickly to move trucks around and reroute people," shared Joseph Cardella

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