About VideoJet

VideoJet provides high quality coding and marketing technologies that are designed to perform with little maintenance.  Some products include inkjet printers, laser coding systems, thermal transfer printers and labeling equipment.  With more than 345,000 units installed worldwide, VideoJet's global sales network serves 135 countries and provides high quality service in all regions. 

Situation Analysis

VideoJet was not getting enough sales visits from their Salesforce application and had difficulty identifying new prospects within their sales regions.  They also lacked a user-friendly interface that was integrated with Salesforce to plan sales routes. 


MapAnything provides a visual into their current accounts and makes it easy to decide what accounts to visit on their routes.  They also use MapAnything to locate new leads in a specific area and visit more accounts in the same amount of time by simply adjusting their route. 

Added Benefits

  • Data Visualization
  • Route Planning
  • Strategic Planning

"We have really grown the use of MapAnything.  The best feedback we've gotten is from our team in France, they use it extensively and have used it very effectively.  They could not go without it at this point."

- Tim Madel, Global Director, Digital Marketing at VideoJet

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