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Salesforce Maps Demo Videos

Salesforce Maps
Salesforce Maps helps sales managers and individual contributors increase efficiencies in the field and office. This demo will show you how location intelligence through Salesforce Maps allows sales managers to track team activity in the field and identify opportunities to sell more business.
Salesforce Maps Advanced
Salesforce Maps Advanced routing capabilities enables organizations to easily route and schedule up to 4 months of appointments in a matter of minutes. This video will demonstrate how this tool helps companies drive field execution to maximize revenue by increasing efficiency and planning.
Live Tracking
Live Tracking helps managers and supervisors manage their team’s activities and give real time visibility into field activities while leveraging location to automate business processes inside of Salesforce. This demo will provide visibility to how sales and service managers can easily see where their assets are located in real time within their Salesforce org.
Field Sales Productivity
Salesforce Maps give field resources visibility into their data, allowing them to be strategic on who to see and when to see them. Location intelligence inside Salesforce data unlocks efficiencies for the organization, whether that’s decreasing miles traveled, or increasing the number of sales calls in a day.
Live Vehicle Tracking in Lightning
This demo will showcase how you can use Salesforce Maps to see exactly where all of your vehicles are on the map, how to display any vehicle related information, and how to see the current weather and traffic conditions around your drivers.
Financial Services Productivity
This demo will showcase how an advisor can leverage Salesforce Maps when traveling in the field to identify key clients and contacts nearby and build a simple and efficient route to keep their day busy and effective.
Retail CPG and FMCG
This video will demonstrate how Salesforce Maps can be utilized within the retail and CPG space by increasing the productivity of route sales representatives and merchandising teams.
Industry Demo (HLS)
This video will demonstrate how home health providers can leverage Salesforce Maps to automatically build and prioritize routes. Additionally, you’ll see how Salesforce Maps can assist call centers to find the nearest healthcare provider.
Field Service Lightning
Salesforce Maps and GM have partnered to help service organizations increase fleet efficiency and better utilize field resources using up to the second telematics data through Salesforce Maps Live Tracking and GM’s OnStar technology.
Field Sales
With optimized, constraint-based routing, sales reps are able to get from one appointment to the next without delay and quickly fill any cancelled appointments using proximity search functionality. Redundant administrative tasks, like check-in/out and mileage tracking, are automated with geo-fencing capabilities to spend less time planning and more time selling.
Field Service
Effectively dispatch the closest service technician using live, GPS-drive location tracking functionality. Easily reassign technicians based on customer priority level, technician skill set, revenue potential, work order urgency, and more. Ensure technicians are on time, every time, to maintain a positive experience that fosters customer loyalty.
Fleet Management
Gain valuable insight into your fleet to increase productivity, remain safe and compliant, and ensure SLA adherence to create a positive customer experience. Easily track, in real-time, vehicle location, driver behavior, idle time, mileage driven, engine diagnostics, and more. Streamline your CRM and telematics solutions to drive operational and fleet efficiencies.
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