Welcome to MapAnything! We're glad you're here, and can't wait to help you get started. This video series will explain everything you need to know to install and configure MapAnything in your Salesforce org, and have you mapping your CRM data in no time.

We recommend watching the entire video series when configuring MapAnything for the first time. But feel free to jump between the chapters below depending on your needs:

  1. Installing MapAnything: Download and install MapAnything from the Salesforce AppExchange
  2. General Settings: Configure organization-wide MapAnything settings
  3. User Permissions: Set user-level permissions for all of your MapAnything users
  4. Button Sets: Create and manage MapAnything action button sets and assign them to your users
  5. Base Objects: Create and edit MapAnything base objects that your users will be able to plot on the map
  6. Address Fields and Geocoding: Activate geocoding rules to keep your record location data up to date at all times
  7. Folder Permissions: Set folder permissions to govern what users or profiles can access certain MapAnything folders
  8. Managing Licenses: Assign MapAnything licenses to any users that need them
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