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This video series will provide all the information you need to plan your day with MapAnything Routes. Add new stops to a route, add appointment times, generate a stop order, and you'll be on your way!

Watch the entire video series, or select specific chapters based on your needs. Chapters include:

  1. Creating a new route: Add new markers, favorite locations, or points of interest to a new route
  2. Optimizing a route: Choose a manual stop order or have MapAnything reorder stops to minimize travel time
  3. Time-based routing: Add scheduled appointment times so MapAnything can account for them in your stop order
  4. Editing a saved route: Make changes to any saved routes
  5. Default Route and Schedule settings: Configure default settings for all new Routes, or for your Schedule
  6. Print or Email a route: Print or email a copy of your route and directions to take on the go