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MapAnything is the Geo-Productivity app of choice for companies of all sizes - from small businesses and middle market companies, to international enterprises and Fortune 500s - MapAnything offers solutions across many business types and industry verticals.

Financial Services

In an industry that’s data-driven and relationship oriented, it’s important to have tools that help your team excel at being both.

Use real-time data to identify customers who are ready to buy. Give your team more time to build relationships with clients and sell your solutions by enabling them to spend more time with customers instead of on planning, driving and data entry.

Drive Advisor Productivity

Enable your sales team to find nearby customers to fill schedule gaps and replace cancellations. Empower them with the ability to self-source leads to add to routes or save as records in Salesforce.

Define Territory Potential

Visualize client attributes like portfolio size and held away assets. View real-time territory performance & access aggregate data to gain deeper insight.

Effortless Salesforce Adoption

Streamline record creation & updates for individual or mass records by enabling your team to perform most functions in three clicks or less - directly from the map.

using mapanything, our client managers increased their number of meetings by 44%.


Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Your customers trust you with their health and well-being. Your partners and distributors trust you with the success of their business. You need tools you can trust to deliver for both.

Increase time spent getting results and decrease time spent on everything else. Balance territories to meet business and customer needs. Build and maintain brand awareness with strategically located events and by providing onsite collateral consistently.

Get More Appointments

Enable your sales team to find nearby customers to fill schedule gaps and replace cancellations. Empower them with the ability to self-source leads to add to routes or save as records

Optimize & Manage Your Territories

Ensure that you have enough representatives in each territory and that your customers aren’t underserved.

Enhance Field Marketing

Streamline field marketing operations by planning events where they will make the greatest impact. Deliver marketing & sales collateral to business partners & distributors efficiently.

With MapAnything, the data is live and sits inside salesforce. It has been a huge time saver and allows us up to concentrate on more high-value tasks.



Sales Operations Manager


The world is more connected today than ever before, creating new opportunities and new customers. You need a solution that helps you locate these new opportunities and manage your relationships with existing customers.

Find new prospects near existing customers and truly manage your territories using a data-driven and location-centric approach. Streamline customer training and onboarding with schedule & route planning & optimization.

Get More Appointments & Make More Sales

Enable your sales team to find nearby customers to fill schedule gaps and replace cancellations. Empower them with the ability to self-source leads to add to routes or save as records.

Optimize & Manage Your Territories

Ensure that your customers have the onsite and online support they need and that your sales team can check in regularly.

Unlock Location Marketing

Plan events, tradeshow & conference participation, and marketing campaigns where they can make the most impact. Get a map view of sales performance & market share.

Mapanything has been a huge time saver. we're able to pull in opportunities, we're able to pull in leads. it helps us define territories as we go.

Chass Scarantino, VP of Sales

Retail & CPG

The most important aspect of retail operations is location. You need to know where your customers, stores, and competitors are located and you need to see these locations on a map - not in a spreadsheet.

Streamline retail execution & merchandising operations so your team can spend more time on site and less time between sites. Create, assign, and manage territories on an interactive map of real-time business & customer data. Improve delivery times and meet SLAs - consistently.

Schedule More Stops

Get the most out of your day with route planning & optimization. Quickly fill schedule gaps & deploy teams where needed.

Optimize Territories & Coverage

Ensure that you have enough sales & operations team members in each territory so that all retail sites are covered.

Manage Deliveries & Meet SLAs

Plan delivery routes to meet business & customer needs consistently. Build & assign routes and provide accurate ETAs to customers.

As a result of MapAnything, I get more face time with my clients, accounts and leads. I never have to worry that someone hasn’t been touched recently and is getting overlooked.  I have everything right there in front of me so my time in the field is as efficient and productive as possible.

Sales Rep
Legion Brewing


Your business has a lot of moving parts and you need full visibility of all of them - suppliers, manufacturing sites, distributors, service centers, sales & service teams, assets, customers, & more. There’s only one complete solution that gives you this in Salesforce: MapAnything.

Get a map view of your supply chain, market share, and sales performance. Create & balance territories directly from an interactive map of real-time business & customer data. Harness the power of IoT to streamline field service operations with route planning and vehicle & equipment tracking.

Get A 360 Degree View of Operations

Get a live map view of your business data, team members, and assets including site & vehicle locations so you can better manage resources & expectations.

Optimize Territories & Coverage

Ensure that territories are balanced and have enough sales & service team members in each so that customers are not underserved.

Improve Field Service

Enable your customer service & field service teams to collaborate to serve customers with route planning & assignment, vehicle & equipment tracking, accurate ETAs, and strategically located service centers.

We have really grown the use of MapAnything. The best feedback we’ve gotten is from our team in France, they use it extensively and have used it very effectively. They could not go without it at this point.


Global Director of Digital Marketing


Education & Nonprofit

Gain insight into alumni & donors, organizational performance, program outcomes, and area demographics & census data so you can Improve fundraising operations & resource management.

Increase Engagement

Gain deep insight into your alumni, donors, & fundraising efforts. Plan events that will make the greatest impact and execute location-based marketing campaigns for better results.

Overlay Demographic Data

View demographic and census information alongside your organizational data. Map by administrative boundaries including state, county, zip code, school district, congressional district, voting district, metropolitan statistical area, & census tract.

Nonprofit Program

As a company, we’re committed to sharing our technology with nonprofit organizations and helping them succeed. That’s why we partner with the Foundation to provide 501(c)(3) organizations using Salesforce with a 50% discount on MapAnything.

MapAnything has literally changed the way we do business and how we reach our members. It is instrumental in helping get the resources we offer into the hands of military families. Every day I am so grateful for everything we can do because of MapAnything.


Technology Manager

Blue Star Families


Whether employed by the federal, state or local government, you need the ability to turn your data into actionable intelligence so you can make decisions faster and better serve your community. MapAnything enables you to quickly respond to citizen requests, visualize progress & program outcomes, and produce high-quality reports on demand.

View All of Your Data in One Place

Get a real-time, interactive map of citizen requests, team member locations, administrative boundaries, program progress and outcomes, as well as third party & ESRI data.

Quickly Respond to Incidents & Citizen Requests

Visualize incidents and citizen requests. Take action directly from the map - locate and assign cases, plan routes, identify trends, and get all the tools you need to location-enable your 311 mobile application or improve field responsiveness & productivity.

Recruit Business & Create Jobs

Map & monitor business trends by area; identify available real estate for incoming companies; and view hubzones, job posts, & job placements.

MapAnything and Salesforce give us end-to-end visibility. We reduced wasted field visits by 50%, and have consistently overachieved our Case Resolutions SLAs.

Garry Nash
East Sussex Highway's

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