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CPG Logistics Management

Consumer Packaged Goods Logistics & Transportation Optimization

Salesforce Maps for CPG Logistics Management

Improving CPG logistics management is a challenge facing many businesses. Field sales, merchandising and promotions, asset management, audits, supply chain management, and more directly impact sales performance, brand awareness, and overall revenue.

All of these teams have one thing in common: they are mobile.

Salesforce Maps brings unparalleled software solutions for businesses with a range of services, that require fast moving, mobile schedules by enabling leaders to optimize the productivity of their field sales resources.

Understand & Target

  • Identify areas for growth by visualizing demographic data through heat maps
  • Forecast profitable sites based on competitive presence
  • Determine access points to optimize supply chain management
  • Make data-driven decisions about product assortment and marketing efforts
  • Use territory performance information and historic purchase patterns to determine the perfect product mix for a location to boost sales

Plan & Optimize

  • Launch territory management and optimization technology for optimal CPG logistics
  • Prioritize account visits based on Einstein® Score, Pardot® Score, potential revenue, and more
  • Create optimized routes and schedules so reps spend more time selling and less time planning
  • Consistently meet SLA requirements with optimized delivery routes
  • Align sales performance with marketing blitzes to drive new revenue

Activate & Measure

  • Drive accountability with real-time updates of vehicle and driver location
  • Automate cumbersome administrative tasks and reporting with geo-coding capabilities
  • Review real-time and historic location-rich data to drive field performance across your entire range of services
  • Maintain a 360 degree view with automated territory-specific reports for optimized communication and efficiency


improvement in sales


improvement in daily
call volume


license adoption rate

It's amazing when you start [visualizing data] because you can show things and help your reps become more profitable by seeing more accounts. That's what set Salesforce Maps different from the other tools that might be out there.

Mike Murphy
Manager of Process Improvement

Six Steps to Re-Energize Field Sales Productivity

Download our e-book to learn how data visualization can drive optimized CPG logistics management and field rep productivity.

Ready to Learn More?

Salesforce Maps offers the industry’s leading geo-enabled field productivity solutions for CPG logistics management. We enable our customers to maximize the productivity of their field sales and service resources.

Salesforce Maps is the only global Enterprise Platform that allows the user to go from Territory Design and Planning, thru to Field Execution and Visualization of results.

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