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Manufacturing Industry Optimization

Drive Business Process Automation and Cost Savings

Visualize Supply Chain and Merchandising Partners to Maintain Relationships

The rising cost of fuel over the past few decades has prompted manufacturing companies with merchandising channels to think more efficiently in terms of distribution routes and sales schedules. Simply getting from one appointment to another will no longer suffice as budgets are tightened and customers expect extra levels of service.

Salesforce Maps visualizes partners, customers, supply chain, and field sales data in one map-centric interface that sits directly on top of Salesforce. 

Performance Analysis

  • Balance and optimize territories with the right skill sets and number of reps
  • Compare planned vs actual mileage driven to ensure budget adherence
  • Easily differentiate distribution channel partners with color-coded pins and layers 
  • Overlay supply chain assets and field service coverage with customer data to drive satisfaction and loyalty 

Retail Distribution Optimization

  • Easily visualize weak links in the supply chain and holes in coverage
  • Analyze planned vs actual mileage to guarantee budgets are met and money isn’t wasted
  • Create powerful thematic maps to better manage retail partner relationships
  • Visualize competitor data to target underserved or overserved areas for growth

Field Sales

  • Ensure reps visit the right stores at the right time with optimized routes and schedules
  • Visualize coverage areas and uncover growth opportunity with customizable heat maps
  • Source market data to determine product launches and be first-to-market
  • Drive business process automation with geocoding
  • View valuable account data on the map to make data-driven decisions on the road

Three days after rolling out Salesforce Maps to our sales team, a rep for X-Rite was sitting at a coffee shop waiting for an appointment and used the tool on his phone to find a nearby account that wasn’t on our radar. He called, got an appointment the next morning, and closed a deal large enough to cover the cost of our annual subscription cost!

Jon McCartney, Business Systems Leader, Confidential Fortune 500 Company

Six Steps to Re-Energize Field Sales Productivity

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Ready to Learn More?

Salesforce Maps offers the industry’s leading location-intelligent field productivity solutions for the manufacturing industry. We enable our customers to maximize the productivity of their field sales and service resources.

Salesforce Maps is the only global Enterprise Platform that allows the user to go from Territory Design and Planning, thru to Field Execution and Visualization of results.

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