Sales Management

When every meeting is a new opportunity, you need your team spending more time with customers and less time planning, driving, and logging calls.

By automating your sales process and territory mapping, your team is able to increase lead generation each and every day; ultimately, increasing sales to positively impact your bottom line.

Increased Sales

Utilizing MapAnything’s core mapping solutions, spend more time with customers and less time doing administrative tasks. Plan a route with MapAnything® to identify clustered customers to optimize your sales route and fill schedule gaps due to last minute cancellations.

Sales Territory Mapping

Get a real-time view of customers, team activities, and performance metrics with MapAnything Live GPS-mapping software. Using vehicle and asset tracking hardware, connect with MapAnything’s core mapping technology and a live feed of where your vehicles are at all times. Create, assign, and balance territories, and get real-time vehicle diagnostics to ensure compliance and safety.

Lead Generation

Source leads utilizing MapAnything Data® in conjunction with MapAnything’s territory mapping. Easily add to existing or new routes and save as records in Salesforce with Click2Create® buttons. Optimize your route with MapAnything Guide® to efficiently manage your territory and generate more revenue.

Sales Process Automation

Simply put, spend less time on administrative tasks. Quickly update records, create events, check in/out of appointments, and more directly from MapAnything’s interface. Increase your overall efficiency by adding MapAnything Guide® to schedule and optimize multi-day sales routes in advance. Pick up and go with MapAnything’s software.

“We’ve seen a week of sales that was triple what we did before MapAnything®.”

John Reid, Regional VP SMB Sales, Axia

Six Steps to Re-Energize Field Sales Productivity

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